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Going from point A to B should not be at the cost of environmental damage of moving 2 tons of metal box. ENVO is about doing it effectively, efficiently, light and affordable, utilizing clean electric power for various applications.


ENVO Vision, Mission and Values


Vision Vision

To be the preferred e-mobility solution for a sustainable future of our planet


Mission Mission

ENVO's mission is to address technological gaps of e-mobility by offering innovative, modular, and versatile, yet affordable solutions.

Values Values

Quality, Innovation, Sustainability, Being trusted, Transparency & Authenticity, Community collaboration, and Employee empowerment

Proudly Canadian 🍁

Canada’s largest e-Mobility brand! Move different with ENVO

ENVO started in 2015 as a one-person business in a small flat in Vancouver.

With a deep understanding of the environmental impact of fossil fuels, the ENVO team grew with passionate engineers . Together, they created the company to evolve new e-mobility ideas creating products that lead to a greener future.

Company and history

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Meet the Founder

In March 2002, when I finished studying Mechanical Engineering, I created the first Universal Electric Bike Conversion Kit. It used a special battery and motor. It took a long time for my dream to become real.

I moved to Canada to find a market for my creative products. I started a company called ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS from scratch. I worked on the business during the day and on my product ideas at night.

At first, I focused on checking 200+ types of bicycles in Canada. I designed matching parts for DIY Conversion Kits, selling them online.

The company grew a lot because people liked the products. We added a physical store, more workers, warehouses, and support for customers. Every year, Envo, as a tech and research company, introduced new products like D35, Lynx, ST, Flex, Snowbike, e-scooters, 50 series ebikes, e-ATV, Veemo, UPT, etc.).

I feel lucky to have found partners and employees who share the same vision and values. It's great to live in a time and place where communities understand and support what we're doing - our "ENVOlution."

-Ali Khazemkhani


“I was only 8 years old struggling with a 3V micro electric motor from my Dad’s broken Tape player to make my 16in Cadillac bicycle wheel rotate; It did never work, but it was the beginning of a long journey…"

ENVO's Structure


ENVO has grown as a self-funded business. Each year's expansion plan relies on and corresponds with the accomplishments of the previous year. The company's sustainable growth is attributed to supportive customers and a dedicated team. The passionate and hardworking team members uphold the startup culture by taking on various roles within the company.

The expansion has been organic, diverse, and balanced, with a focus on efficient operations and customer satisfaction. Envo's straightforward ownership structure keeps its objectives clear. There are no external investors to answer to or please, and no distracting strategies for market entry or quick cash-outs.

Over the past years, the primary focus has been on impacting people's lives and establishing a sustainable and thriving business. This is achieved through the realization of ideas, organizational development, and building a strong team.

ENVO boasts an engineering and R&D team of over 6 individuals who not only dedicate themselves to new ideas and product development but also continuously strive for product optimization and enhanced quality.

The supply chain team at ENVO comprises over 12 people, spanning across production facilities, notably ENVO's Burnaby factory, as well as distribution and fulfillment centers.

In addition, the company focuses on expanding its reach through sales and customer service efforts. This involves partnering with brick-and-mortar bike shops and sporting goods resellers to broaden the geographical distribution of ENVO products.

ENVO is a comprehensive organization with various departments such as finance, marketing, HR, IT, operations, and systems. The company boasts a total of over 33 full-time employees across these departments.

In 2019, the company made the strategic decision to establish retail operations independently under the brand name ebikeBC. This move aimed to allow ENVO to concentrate more on product development and expanding partnerships. Presently, ENVO is capitalizing on the digital marketing expertise and data accumulated over a decade of ebikeBC operations to assist ENVO dealers throughout North America. 

This initiative is named "ENVO INSIDE," wherein retailers adhere to specific in-store and digital presence guidelines for ENVO products. In turn, ENVO provides support to dealers through marketing, awareness, and lead generation management.

ENVO’s organizational structure is divided between administrative operations (COO) and product management (CPO) immediately following the CEO. This setup is designed to preserve agility and the ability to oversee multiple products within the company's portfolio under a unified framework. The inspiration for this innovative company structure is drawn from project-based engineering companies, wherein the traditional concept of projects is replaced by products within a matrix product/department interaction structure.

Product Focus

ENVO is dedicated to advancing micro electric mobility, targeting three major areas heavily reliant on fossil fuels: recreation, services, and daily commutes. As a provider of sustainability solutions, ENVO seeks to make a direct impact on these three domains.

The portfolio includes electric bikes, e-trikes, e-scooters, e-velomobiles, e-ATVs, electric water bikes, electric snowbikes, and electric snowkarts. These electric mobility options serve as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional cars, motorcycles, recreational activities, and public transportation. Currently, the ENVO team is actively engaged in several impactful projects:

The following are few of the active projects ENVO team is working on:


Company Production

Company Production

Diverging from the mainstream competition in the electric bike industry, ENVO products stand out as more than mere catalogue items. The electric bike sector in Southeast Asia is vast, teeming with numerous factories dedicated to designing and manufacturing e-bikes for both local and international markets. However, a minor influx of their production into the North American market has led to the creation of numerous ebike brands that essentially order catalogue products, simply affixing their label through a straightforward purchase trade.

In contrast, ENVO products are genuinely engineered in Canada, shaped by domestic requirements, regulations, climate considerations, and specific applications.

ENVO employs four levels of production, determined by complexity and cost-effectiveness:

  1. In-House Engineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly: Examples include the SnowKart.
  2. In-House Engineering, Overseas Parts Manufacturing, and In-House Assembly: Notable instances include the FLEX series.
  3. In-House Engineering, Overseas Manufacturing, and Assembly: Exemplified by the D35/ST series.
  4. In-House Re-Engineering on an Existing Platform, Overseas Manufacturing: Seen in products like the e-scooters or Lynx series.

 Engaging in in-house engineering indeed adds complexity to production and the supply chain, making it ten times more challenging. However, this approach empowers ENVO to offer products and specifications tailored to their community's needs, rather than adhering to choices made by Asian manufacturers. On the flip side, by investing in in-house engineering, ENVO can control production costs at the level of manufactured parts plus fees. This is in contrast to the catalogue pricing of a manufacturer, which incorporates their overhead and profit margins. This is the strategy that enables ENVO to deliver high-quality yet affordable products.

Across all production levels, ENVO's technical staff conducts 100% quality control checks and final assembly in-house, ensuring an elevated level of quality and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Expansion plans & Partnership culture of the company

The company's strategic approach is centered around horizontal expansion, relying on partnerships with various businesses throughout the product and brand journey. This collaboration extends beyond supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics, encompassing marketing and distribution where we leverage the expertise of like-minded companies.

In the realm of retail operations, bike shops and motor sport retailers have traditionally been the closest industries to micro-electric mobility. ENVO initially adopted an online B2C retail model through, transitioning to a B2B model with local bike shops as their products gained popularity.

Recognizing the challenges faced by independent bike shops due to competition from big box stores and online sellers, ENVO chose partnership over competition. This involved collaborating with local shops to leverage their expertise, customer service, and marketing synergy across North America.

ENVO's products, known for quality and unique features, appeal to local bike shops due to their affordability without compromising on quality. Despite supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, ENVO invested in alternative resources and pre-booking materials to overcome the issue. The diligence during this period resulted in ENVO building a solid backup of materials and ready-made products available for shipment, establishing them as a reliable partner for bike shops and sporting goods retailers across the country.

As a Canadian west coast e-mobility company, ENVO has embraced partnerships with distributors and prominent retail brands, such as Costco and BestBuy. These collaborations allow ENVO to develop products tailored for their target customers without impeding the business of their dealership programs and local bike shops.

Our plans


As awareness of the environmental impact of fossil fuels grows among consumers, there is a significant shift in the lifestyles of North Americans towards emobility. While electric bikes are widely recognized as a key player in the future of e-mobility, ENVO envisions a broader spectrum of electrical products catering to diverse lifestyles. This includes electric bikes, scooters, off-road vehicles, watercraft, and snow machines.

ENVO has already initiated the development of ideas across different segments, transforming them into product concepts to be released in the market. The goal is to introduce modularity and mass-customization concepts into product design, addressing a wide range of niche product requirements for the future of micromobility.

To achieve this, ENVO is not only expanding its tech and engineering team but also actively seeking thoughts, ideas, and talents through channels like social media, community building, and design contests such as the ENVO NEXT MOVE contest.

ENVO is seeking partnerships with companies in the industry that share similar goals to accelerate their growth. With an employee ownership culture, all full-time employees are or can become shareholders within the company's stock plans. In preparation for ambitious plans, ENVO is gearing up to go public in the stock market to secure financial support. As electric micro-mobility emerges as the next significant domain, ENVO aspires to become a global leader in this evolving industry.

ENVO looks to partner with other companies active in the industry with similar goals to accelerate their growth. ENVO has an employee ownership culture, and all full-time employees are or can be shareholders within the company’s stock plans. ENVO is getting prepared to go public in the stock market to support the ambitious plans financially. Electric micro-mobility will be the next big domain, and ENVO aims to be a global leader.​

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