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  • B2B Sales Rep

    Location: USA (Remote)

    Date Posted: 06/10/2022


    Who We Are:

    Envo Drive Systems is an innovative engineering and design company specializing in high-quality and top-performing, yet reasonably priced electrical mobility solutions such as Ebikes. We make e-vehicles for recreational enthusiasts, urban and business commuters, and family cyclists. From humble beginnings, we have pushed through and come far since our inception in 2015. Envo is now an established business with an ambitious vision and five-star customer reviews, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

    We are looking for a highly motivated and professional B2B sales representative who seeks and builds relationships with Dealers and e-mobility retailers decision makers. The candidate will follow a playbook based on our documented sales processusing a wide range of sales skills, techniques, and tools to gain the trust of potential Prospects and create solid and continuous sales. The candidate identifies leads, qualifies them, establishes rapport with them, and supports their success while making profitable sales. Dealers sales includes bulk sales of products to Independent Bike Shops, Chain Bike or Sporting goods retailers, Micro Electric Mobility Retailers, RV, Boat and Motor sport goods retailers, etc. to resell and provide after sales services for ENVO products.

    At Envo, you are constantly encouraged to learn and grow and given lots of opportunities to push the boundaries of your expertise. You will also work on cool, environmentally friendly products, and showcase their technical aspects to customers and businesses.


    What You Will Do: 


    Prospect List: Develop (or receive it from the sales manager) and update a prospect/lead list, based on associated territories, which is pre-defined by sales manager. The territories can be defined based on Geography, Industrial Category, or Product category.


    CRM Dashboard:

    Utilize and maintain the prospect/lead list on ENVO CRM dashboard. ENVO will provide the dashboard and required training.


    Prospect Approach:
    Engage with the leads via telephone, email, web and mobile. On any given day, the B2B rep will be researching prospects, making sales calls, attending trade shows and conferences, conducting client meetings, and sending follow-up emails to encourage prospects to discover the value of our solution.


    Record in CRM:

    Record all engagements information in our CRM dashboard.



    Participate in training on ENVO’s programs, decks reviews, and promotions planning.


    Dealers Agreement:

    Encourage the prospects to sign ENVO dealer agreement by presenting and discussing our company information and promotional programs


    Other Tasks:

    Conduct other projects and tasks as assigned by supervisor/manager.


    Monthly/Weekly Goals:

    Meet or exceed the goals for the category on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Track sale activities using pre-established methods and programs.


    Approach Dealers (including Periodic Touchbases):

    Contact existing dealers based on the communication SOP provided by ENVO. Communicate with dealers about the full menu of products and services, including sales initiatives, promotions, opportunities and placement of product and programs orders, new product release, demo bikes, surveys, marketing
    materials and their outstanding balances. Be an ENVO brand expert to educate dealers through demonstrating products or services and explaining their features. Develop, nurture, and sustain relationships with dealers to create and increase sales.


    Support Dealers Purchase Inquiry Support:

    Perform training sessions with dealers on how to use and manage their dashboards on dealers' portal. Answer dealers' questions about products, prices, availability, product uses, and credit terms. Recommend products to dealers, based on dealers' needs and interests when needed.


    Keep Records:

    Maintain his/her own activities and dealer records and information in Z-CRM and other Zoho Modules.


    Support Dealers After Sales Services:

    Contact dealers to resolve problems and to provide ongoing Sales Orders support. Inform dealers of estimated delivery schedules, service contracts, and warranties. Also, provide dealers with ongoing technical support, and introduce dealers to our Help and Ticketing center.


    Provide Feedback:
    Be a sales expert on the E-Bike category; Be conscious of market themes as they develop. Communicate relevant information and make recommendations to the sales leadership team to update sales strategy positively.


    Study Market and Offer Insight:
    Monitor market conditions, product innovations, and competitors' products, prices, and sales. Attend sales or trade meetings or read related publications to obtain information about market conditions, business trends, environmental. Share facts and data regarding what does and doesn’t sell and make recommendations for changes to product, promotion, placement, and/or pricing to differentiate ENVO, gain competitive advantage, and optimize dealers’ business.


    Further detailed activities include:


    Prospect Calling

    B2B rep provides a prospect/lead list or be given by the sales manager based on associated territory which is defined by sales manager. The territory can be defined based on geography, industrial category, or product category.

    Rep is required to confirm the prospect list with the company in advance in order to ensure exclusivity of the lead ownership.


    Finding Decision Maker(s)

    Sales rep engages with the leads via telephone, LinkedIn, email, web and mobile. The sales rep will be researching prospects, making calls, conducting client meetings,
    and sending follow-up emails. All the engagement shall be recorded in CRM dashboard.


    Meeting Scheduling

    Once the decision maker is identified and contacted, the program deck should be emailed to them and an in-person/zoom/phone meeting should be scheduled.


    Pitching the program on the 1st meeting

    Sales rep will provide details and responses to the questions and try to encourage prospects to discover the value of our solution. By having further discussions, rep may get into details that can customize the program for that particular retailer.


    Providing the customized solution

    Sales rep needs to discuss concerns and particular requirements of the dealer with Manager to provide the desirable deal package in case.


    Territory and Brand Alignment

    Ensuring if the prospect dealer is properly aligned with ENVO Branding, Territory priorities and Marketing Strategies.


    Offering Demos (if needed)

    Rep is responsible for arranging for and setting up demos at site to encourage interested buyers to purchase. Demo can be delivered in person or shipped. Liability waiver is needed to be signed by individuals who test ride.


    Dealers program briefing


    Walk Though With Agreement


    Training The Use Of Dealers Portals


    Order Creation on Portal/POS

    Sales rep may have access to ordering Portal and POS to invoice and place orders for buyers or modify or approve orders where needed.


    Collaborating with Credit Team on Dealers Credit Check and approval process

    This is in case credit team requires further paperwork or troubleshooting for a credit
    or term purchaser.


    Following -up with Dealers

    Sales rep will remain the point of contact for the rest of the season making sure the business is running, orders are progressing as per booking and all issues have been addressed.


    Products Love and Respect

    Rep needs to follow up with dealer and make sure that products get proper attention and respect from the dealer in

    1- Store arrangement and demo availability

    2- Dealers Website

    3- Staff presentation

    4- Signage, banners and use of marketing material



    Recording Activities in CRM:

    All the engagement shall be recorded in CRM dashboard. A Pipeline needs to be created based on prospects or dealers, expected deals and probability factors and needs to be updated as communications go on.


    Offering Technical Support:

    Educating dealers and their technical staff about our Help and Ticketing center for customers support.


    Providing Feedback:

    Be a sales expert on the E-Bike category. Be conscious of themes as they develop. Communicate relevant information and make recommendations to the Director of Sales in order to affect sales strategy positively.


    Market Insight:

    Monitor market conditions, product innovations, and competitors' products, prices, and sales.


    Other Tasks:

    Other sales related projects and tasks as assigned by sales manager.



    This is a commission only contracting business and does not create any employment relationship between the Rep and the Company.


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