Project Brief: ENVO IoT Project

Project Brief: ENVO IoT Project Buy Product
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Background & Opportunity:

ENVO recognizes the growing demand for consumer goods that incorporate interactive and smart features, enhancing their appeal and functionality. In line with this vision, ENVO has initiated an IoT project aimed at transforming its products into intelligent, connected devices. This project capitalizes on the potential to provide consumers with a seamless connection between their ENVO products and smart devices, as well as the internet. The integration of IoT technology into ENVO's EBikes series opens up new avenues for enhancing the user experience, data analysis, and secure data management.


The primary goal of the ENVO IoT project is to enable ENVO products to become smart, interconnected, and capable of seamlessly connecting to users' smart devices and the internet. This transformation will be achieved through the following key objectives:

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Implement Bluetooth connectivity between product and smart device. 

  2. SmartApp Development: Develop a dedicated smart application with IoT capabilities that will serve as the central interface for users to interact with their ENVO produts. This app will have the following features:

    • Data Storage: Store bike-related data securely and efficiently on remote servers for future access and analysis.

    • Data Analysis: Enable real-time and historical data analysis to provide valuable insights to users, such as performance metrics, maintenance alerts, and route suggestions.

    • Data Security: Implement robust security measures to protect user data, ensuring it is stored and transmitted securely.

Key Requirements:

The successful execution of the ENVO IoT project requires the fulfillment of several key requirements:

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity:

    • Seamless pairing between ENVO EBikes and users' smart devices.
    • Low energy consumption to preserve battery life.
    • Compatibility with a wide range of smart devices and operating systems.
  2. SmartApp Development:

    • Intuitive user interface for effortless navigation and control of ENVO product's features.
    • Real-time data synchronization between the bike and the smart application.
    • Cloud-based data storage and retrieval for scalability and accessibility.
    • Data analytics capabilities to provide users with valuable insights.
    • Robust data security measures to safeguard user information.
  3. Scalability:

    • Ensure that the IoT infrastructure can accommodate future enhancements and updates.
  4. User Experience Enhancement:

    • Enhance the overall user experience by delivering a seamless, reliable, and feature-rich IoT solution.
  5. Compliance:

    • Ensure compliance with relevant data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA).
  6. Maintenance and Support:

    • Develop a plan for ongoing maintenance, updates, and customer support to address user inquiries and issues.



  • Budget limitations to impact the scope of the project.
  • Timely procurement of required hardware and software components.
  • Adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements.


  • Technical challenges related to Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility.
  • Security breaches or data leaks.
  • Delays in development and deployment.
  • Competition and market changes impacting the project's success.


  • Users are willing to adopt smart technology for their ENVO EBikes.
  • The IoT infrastructure can be reliably integrated into the existing bike design.
  • Sufficient resources will be allocated for project completion.


  • Market response and acceptance of the IoT-enabled ENVO EBikes.
  • Rapid advancements in IoT technology during the project timeline.
  • Availability of skilled developers and technical experts.
  • Potential regulatory changes affecting IoT and data privacy.


MVP Update:

In 2023 ENVO developed the IoT project's MVP. The MVP comprises a Bluetooth-enabled display unit that seamlessly connects to the ENVO mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. The display offers real-time data on speed, battery levels, and distance traveled, enhancing the user experience. The app includes navigation, fault diagnosis, and data collection features, with plans for future data transmission to ENVO servers.

Development progress includes successful integration of the Bluetooth display, app completion, and extensive testing for optimal functionality. Initial user feedback has guided refinements to improve the user experience. The next steps involve further testing, preparing for a limited pilot release, and continuing work on data transmission functionality.

The MVP represents a pivotal stage in making ENVO EBikes smart, connected devices that offer enhanced user experiences and data-driven insights. We remain committed to delivering a reliable, user-friendly solution and look forward to sharing further developments in the ENVO IoT project.



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Je possède un vélo envo ST , est-ce que ce système serait compatible a mon vélo, si oui est-ce qu’il est disponible et a quel coût.

Je possède un vélo envo ST , est-ce que ce système serait compatible a mon vélo, si oui est-ce qu’il est disponible et a quel coût.

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