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Bicycle serial number is engraved underneath the crank of your ENVO electric bike.

Batteryserial number is on the bottom of the battery or next to the key slot below the barcode

ENVO Lynx-20 | ENVO Lynx-16

eBike serial number is engraved underneath bottom bracket of your ENVO Lynx-20.

Battery serial number is located on the backside of the seat post under the saddle.

All products including ebikes and conversion kits, as well as components purchased including motor, controller, display, battery, charger, throttle, PAS sensor, brake sensors are covered by 12 months FREE warranty unless otherwise specified. You can purchase an extended warranty up to 24 months where offered

Envo started in 2015 as a one-person business in a small flat in Vancouver. With a deep understanding of the environmental impact of fossil fuels, the ENVO team grew with passionate engineers. Together, they created the company to evolve new e-mobility ideas creating products that lead to a greener future.