32Km/h / 20mph

Max Speed


Max Power

60 Nm

Max Torque

100Km / 62 miles


22.8Kg / 50lbs

Total Weight
step through electric bike - ENVO ST pearl color
step through electric bike - ENVO ST pearl color front view
step through electric bike - ENVO ST pearl color back view
step thru electric bike - ENVO ST side view
step thru electric bike - ENVO ST jungle color - front view
step thru electric bike - ENVO ST jungle color - Back view
ENVO ST Electric Bike
ENVO ST Electric Bike
ENVO ST Electric Bike

ENVO ST Electric Bike


The ENVO ST offers the ultimate accessible mobility. Featuring a low-step design for easy mount and dismount, the ST offers a maximum of 500W of street-legal power and a range of up to 100 km.


Frame Options

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Cycling Made Easy With the Lightest Unisex Pedal Assist Bicycle

The ENVO ST offers the ultimate accessible mobility. Featuring a low-step design for easy mount and dismount, the ST offers a maximum of 500W of street-legal power and a range of up to 100 km/62 miles. Engineered to be a full-featured, no compromise bicycle first, with the added benefit of power assist when you need it. Switch the power off and experience the unparalleled ride quality of this hybrid bicycle.

Perfect for commutes and pleasure ride mostly pave road

Suitable for pople below 130kg/290lbs weight, up to 190cm (6’4”ft) tall

Light-weight frame to carry on boat, car, plane, transit, etc.

Continuous up-hills with 10-15% road grade


At ENVO, we believe that comfort is key when it comes to enjoying your ride. That's why we design our frames in-house with your comfort in mind, without ever compromising on ergonomics. With multiple sizing options available, we're confident that you'll find the perfect fit for your body type and riding style. And thanks to our dual suspension system - featuring both a front fork and seatpost suspension - you'll enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride, no matter what terrain you're tackling.


Looking for a premium electric bike that's designed to deliver unbeatable performance and style? Our bikes are equipped with top-of-the-line hub motors, providing you with the power and speed you need to tackle any terrain with ease. And with a vibrant color LCD display and branded components, you can be sure that you're getting a bike that's both stylish and high-performing. We believe that every rider deserves the very best, and that's why we've designed our bikes to deliver the ultimate in comfort, style, and performance.


Our bikes are designed with top-of-the-line components, including LG/Panasonic Li-ion cells, Shimano Transmission, Hydraulic Brakes, for superior performance and longevity. Our engineers have optimized every aspect of the bicycle frame, subjecting it to industry-leading fatigue testing to ensure that it will withstand even the most rigorous use. And with our rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes, you can rest assured that you'll receive a bike that's free from any quirks or defects.


This incredible bike is the lightest ebike in its category, thanks to its cutting-edge design and premium materials. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to optimize every aspect of this bike, from the frame to the components, to create a ride that's truly unparalleled. And with its lightweight construction and efficient design, the ENVO D35 delivers an unbeatable riding experience that's both fast and responsive.


Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of trying to figure out whether your electric bike is legal to ride in the US or Canada? Unlike many other ebikes on the market that claim to be 500W and compliant with regulations, the ENVO D35 is fully legal and compliant with all laws and regulations. We take great care to ensure that our bikes are fully compliant, so you can ride with confidence and peace of mind. Don't risk getting into trouble with an illegal bike - invest in an ENVO D35 and enjoy the freedom and fun of riding legally and safely!


Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes equipped with electric cut-off sensors provide more safety to the bike as well as the rider.




The ENVO Battery powering the ST is a lizard styled, super lightweight, down tube mounting Li-Ion pack in a stylish thin ABS case with an auto-connect socket, a charge indicator, security lock and accessories. The battery is removable and can reach a range of up to 100 km/62miles per charge on pedal assist level 1. The battery can be charged on or off the bike frame using the little portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger. The ENVO Battery is an A-grade branded Li-Ion battery, comprising of LG or Panasonic Li-Ion cells and a BMS that avoids battery from overcharging, overloading and other hazardous activities, thereby increasing both cyclic and calendar life of the battery. Battery cells have been selected for best operating in freezing temperatures.


Hydro-formed Alloy 6061 TIG welded


Zoom 595S AMS /SR Suntour, 27.5 X1.95 Suspension fork,  with load adjustment and lock,Travel 80mm


thread less headsets, φ25.4×44×30mm,22mm,NECO


alloy handlebar, 31.8mm TP22.2x680mm, 65mm,30 degree


alloy thread-less stem, φ25.4*E110mm,adustable, sand black, MA-579, PROMAX

Brake Set

F/R alloy hydraulic disc brakes, black ,with alloy electric brake lever , Rotor 180,Zoom HB 875-E/Tektro HD-E350



    Seat Tube

    The seat tube height should be adjusted as such that while peddling your leg should not be fully extended at the bottom of the pedal, and your leg should not push against your body on the upswing.

    Effective Top Tube

    The effective top tube length impacts your reach, if the top tube length is too long your body will be stretched and that may cause back pain and if the length is too short you may find it difficult to handle the bicycle. Our products feature an adjustable handlebar stem which lets the rider do the ergonomic fine-tuning.

    Stand over

    For a comfortable experience, there must always be at least an inch or so space between you and the top tube on your bike when you are standing flat-footed. You can measure your inseam length and check that value against the table provided below.

ENVO D35 & ST ebike

Unboxing & Assembly Instructions

ENVO d35 and ST ebikes -  Assembly video thumbnail

ENVO ST Electric Bike Review

See what former customers have to say about the ENVO ST ebike.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Roland Schroeder

ENVO ST Electric Bike

Jeff Follett
Excellent Replacement

Received the bike well packaged and in excellent condition. Relatively easy to put together. This bike was for my wife which was to replace the Yukon 750 which was way too big and heavy for her. She absolutely loves the size and how it handles like a regular bike. Very impressed!

Enjoying cycling again

When I decided to buy an e-bike this winter, I knew practically nothing about the genre. I attended the Montreal Cycle Show and spoke to several vendors and picked up some flyers. ENVO was represented by a local dealer. Once I got home, I spent many hours online researching the different options and finally decided to buy an ENVO ST from the dealer (his price + set up turned out to be exactly the same as having it shipped to me direct - without worrying that I might not set it up correctly, and includes a free tune-up). So, I've had the bike about 2 weeks and have been out and about several times. I am hooked! Absolutely no issues changing gears, the throttle is a dream when starting off from a standing start. I'm shocked at how smooth the ride is - and how fast! Going downhill and not peddling, my friends are far behind me! For the people who commented on the throttle not carrying them up hills adequately - the tech at my bike shop told me that if I relied entirely on the throttle when going up a substantial grade, I'd been disappointed. I just peddle at the same time as I hold the throttle - no problem. Not as quick as on the flat, but hey, the bike has to defeat gravity with me as added ballast. As for the carrier on the back - I asked my tech to remove the spring-loaded section. It definitely interfered with the installation of the paniers I bought on Amazon, and I frankly don't need that part. Problem solved. I still can't remember how to turn on the headlight, even though I messaged Envo and got an immediate reply. My crappy memory, I'm not a young chicken anymore. My one complaint is the booklet that comes with the bike about its features. It's a little light on explanations regarding the LCD display. I don't understand how the trip odometer works.

Brad Cathrae
Well constructed but...

Bike was well packaged and had no difficulties following the video and printed instructions to assemble. I sent an email to the company because of an issue where the throttle would operate even when on a pedal assist setting of 0. Per the manual, the throttle should not be active unless the pedal assist setting is 1 or above. Seems like a safety issue but the company does not respond to my inquiry.

Otherwise the bike seems to work well enough, was in good condition for a floor model with only a few minor scratches on the frame.

Dawn Ryan
Great Bikes, Great Company(s)

I can't begin to express my gratitude for the support and generosity shown by Mehta at EbikeBC and ENVO Drive Canada, in helping to re-outfit me with an ENVO ST after my beloved 'Jade' was stolen. My e-bike is my only transportation, and as a senior on a fixed income, I was devastated.
Their compassion for my situation and quick actions (to get me a new bike) says so much about these folks, on many levels. It is so refreshing and unexpected to receive such genuine and over-the-top service. And a shout out to Bruce and Heather at Island Cycle for getting the bike together and reoutfitted for me. It only reinforces to me that the cycling community is a passionate and supportive collective!
I love, love, love the new e-bike. Being that it is black and white, I have affectionately named it Skana (in homage to BC's iconic Orca). Here she is, all outfitted and ready to roll.
#ebikebc, #envobike, #islandcycle