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ENVO Next Move Top Designs 2022: Jonas Jagercik's - Karabiner
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ENVO Next Move: Top 10 Designs 2022: Jonas Jagercik's - Karabiner

Unleashing the Power of Modularity: Jonas Jagercik's Vision for Micro Electric Mobility Unleashing the magic of design and sustainability, Jonas Ja...
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Chen Rolburd & Symon Meshulam - second winner of NextMove Competition
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Chen Rolburd & Symon Meshulam: Revolutionizing Parenting with Flipo+ (Scond Prize)

Flipo+, created by Chen Rolburd and Symon Meshulam, placed second in the 2022-2023 ENVO NextMove competition. The goal of this ENVO Drive-sponsored...
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