Chen Rolburd & Symon Meshulam - second winner of NextMove Competition

Chen Rolburd & Symon Meshulam: Revolutionizing Parenting with Flipo+ (Scond Prize)

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Flipo+, created by Chen Rolburd and Symon Meshulam, placed second in the 2022-2023 ENVO NextMove competition. The goal of this ENVO Drive-sponsored competition is to spark new ideas for improving electric personal transportation.

The Flipo+ is a cutting-edge electric accessory board for strollers that incorporates micro-mobility technology to make being a parent easier and more productive. Flipo+, which is compatible with popular stroller models, allows for simple, secure, and comfortable travel across the city. It can be operated wirelessly and can travel up to 15 kilometres on a single charge, with a top speed of 12 km/h. It's perfect for city families since it gives working parents a feasible and enjoyable option.

Chen and Symon's design was one of the few that made it through the competition's stringent assessment procedure because of the way in which it was submitted. A silver trophy, a certificate of achievement, and $3,000 Canadian were awarded to them for their hard work.


NextMove Recognition Certificate for Second Winners