Alan Tam: NEXT-GEN Platform - First Winner of NextMove competition

Alan Tam: Breaking New Ground with the NEXT-GEN Platform (First Prize)

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The ENVO Drive NextMove competition sought new concepts for sustainable personal mobility, and Alan Tam emerged as the season's gold medalist. The competition sought imaginative minds eager to shape the future of micromobility, and Alan Tam responded with his revolutionary design, the NEXT-GEN platform.

The NEXT-GEN platform is an all-terrain, electric solution developed for multi-purpose use, such as off-roading, urban microcars, and autonomous delivery ATVs. This dynamic, flexible Surfer architecture enables solar power and dual-ride options, making it suitable for patrols, agricultural work, and hunting. This breakthrough platform reimagines micro-electric transportation for all seasons, with endless functionality and uses.

Individuals or teams were allowed to submit one design per category, with all designs subject to a rigorous assessment procedure. Alan's design stood out among the 50 entries that made it beyond the initial inspection, earning him first place and a C$ 5,000 grand prize and a certificate of achievement.


NextMove Recognition Certificate for First Winner