ENVO Flex urban electric bike -  3D rendering

ENVO Flex Urban Update

First Look At The ENVO Urban Flex Fat Tire Electric Bike

ENVO Flex is one of the most ambitious bicycle projects from an engineering and design perspective in recent history. For this reason, it took well over 19 months of development to get to the sample and prototype phase. There were many challenges over the months, but we finally received the Flex Urban prototype. 

ENVO Flex Urban is a light and compact 20×3 inch fat tire electric bike with a foldable aluminum unisex and uni-size step-thru frame. This version of Flex is fitted with a front hub motor that provides 500W of mechanical power. It is designed to be a perfect companion for any city bike commute, with its front carrier and sturdy rear carrier capable of carrying a child seat, groceries, or even a second rider. The engineering team conducted multiple performance testings on the Urban Flex, including riding on a 15% incline, cornering performance, and performance capacity riding with two adults. While Flex is a normal-sized bike, its folding capability allows us to store it where space is limited, like in most apartments. We will be excited to receive the other flex variants in the upcoming months.  In the mean time check out our best selling ebikes if you have yet to get yours!

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