Can You Really Exercise On An Ebike?

Can You Really Exercise On An Ebike?

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We’ve all heard the telltale saying that you can’t exercise on an ebike. Chances are you’ve probably heard that from those hardcore cyclists who are just jealous when you pass them near the top of the hill. If you have an ebike, you’ll be glad to know that cycling is better than not cycling, and you reap the benefits an ebike has to offer. Since we’re biased and who doesn’t love an ebike, here are some reasons ebikes can get your heart pumping.

Ebiking Is Still Considered Exercise

The bottom line is, yes, you can exercise with an ebike. Just because it has a motor, pedal assist and or a throttle doesn’t mean you’re not doing any work either. On ENVO ebikes, there is the option to turn off the pedal-assist and turn your ebike into a fully human-operated bike. Because of the extra features, studies have shown that electric bike riders out pedal conventional cyclists in terms of the total amount of exercise a week. Having an ebike allows you to cycle longer, which means prolonged exercise and increased caloric expenditure. Now, we may not all be lycra beasts racing to the finish line; instead, we ride for fun and health! No matter what, cycling on an ebike is an excellent form of exercise.


Exercising on an ebike

Ebikes Offer Accessibility

Unlike conventional bikes, ebikes provide options to those who can’t ride a traditional bicycle. There are many reasons to choose an ebike over a traditional bike, such as not being as fit, recovering from an injury, being older, or a lifestyle change. Whatever it is, you get to choose the mode of transportation to suit your needs and make the most of your life. It’s also known that ebikes also help in rehabilitation, but before using this method for rehab, always consult a medical professional for the best plan of action.

The Less Exercise Debate Misses The Point

Some people might feel irritated by ebikers zooming past them, but that’s beside the point. We think that the debate of which cycling method will provide more exercise isn’t the main point of conversation, but rather how many more people will start to exercise because of an ebike as mentioned before, ebikes provide accessibility to those that aren’t typically physically active. It gets them moving off their butts but also removes one less car on the road- That’s the bigger picture. Some ebikes allow you to go at high-level speeds, in some cases replacing long-distance car trips. The goal is to get more people to use ebikes as their primary mode of transportation to replace cars. When you consider how much pollution comes from vehicles, ebikes have an essential role in shaping the future of our planet. Whether you ride an electric or conventional bike, we can agree that it’s a great way to get around town!

So the next time some spandex racer comes up to you and says riding an ebike is cheating, just smile and full send on your throttle. If you’re looking for an ebike, contact us, and we’ll match you with the perfect ebike!

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