How ENVO Is Spearheading The Electric Bike Industry

How ENVO Is Spearheading The Electric Bike Industry

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Every day, we hear about new complexities in our daily life. From the global pandemic, international supply chain disruption, higher gas prices to our deteriorating environment occurring at an unprecedented speed. ENVO electric bikes spearhead these concerns by expanding in the world of emobility. A developing ecosystem and a need for alternate transportation result in an increase in ebike production. ENVO electric bikes can solve many facets facing climate change. Backed by sustainable engineering, design, high-quality components and features, ENVO specifically addresses those concerns. As a result of these advances, ENVO has impacted the transportation system, package deliveries, sport and recreation, and rehabilitation sectors.

Electric Bikes Are The Future

ENVO Electric Bikes offer long-range, lightweight, slick designs and a powerful electrical motor, providing safe commute capability (no crowded public transport) and transportation options (cargo – kids – carrier). Electric bikes also remove the need to pay high fuel prices, the expensive insurance cost of cars, and parking fees.

Electric bikes have given us an amazing alternative to our daily commute and sustainability concerns. Whether it’s about teaching the next generation how to care for our planet, being cost-conscious, congested streets, or bothered by crowded public transportation, the world of electric bikes has evolved to be the future of transportation.

ENVO st ST Electric bike 2021

Tackling The Electric Bike Industry

ENVO has the most extensive e-bike inventory in Canada! We have all models, sizes and colours available at our new production and distribution facility in Burnaby BC. On top of that, there are so many more on the way. This is the most extensive production run in the history of ENVO. Last year we experienced numerous supply chain disruptions. The good news is, we learned! Our production and planning teams know that our customers want bikes in stock. So, this year, we are getting ahead of the curve by expanding the team, investing more in our supply chain and ramping up additional production!. We made sure to be fully stocked to deliver our commitment to supporting our expanding dealer network and customer base. This initiative will shorten the lead time from order to delivery allowing ENVO riders to get their ebikes when they want them; right away!
ENVO Drive is a Canadian emobility company with deep roots in R&D and engineering. ENVO monitors the market needs to best address Canadian consumers’ demands through new product development solutions. ENVO Electric Bikes have multiple applications. Each is multipurpose and shares the same sustainable engineering principles, and interchangeable standard components. ENVO delivers on its mission and supports the electric evolution.
When it comes to a consumer’s mode of transportation, a paradigm shift is happening. The number of electric bikes sold in the US in 2021 surpassed electric cars for the first time. The overall sector growth is expected to continue its expansion globally for the next five years, following the rapid expansion in Asia and Europe.

The Electric ENVOlution

Every day, more and more people are adopting emobility solutions such as ENVO electric bikes, pushing the government to implement new regulations and policies. At ENVO, we stay true to our philosophy and honour our commitment to electric evolution. We worked hard to introduce new ebike models, expand our operations and dealers network nationally, and establish a new production and distribution center to manage supply chain disruption.
We learned how much pressure the pandemic puts on the supply chain and have geared up for a longer lead time to source and ship our parts. We aim to deliver our commitment and reduce waiting times for customers interested in the ENVO electric bike portfolio in 2022. Although ENVO started in Vancouver, BC, seven years ago, it’s just the beginning, we are not the first electric bike company. However, as a company that was the original Canadian Electric Bike manufacturer and provider of emobility solutions, we certainly strive to be the best.

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