ENVO Set to Launch Low Cost Snow Bike to Market

ENVO Set to Launch Low Cost Snow Bike to Market

Freezing Arctic air has swept across most of Western Canada, delivering extreme cold to much of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and most uncharacteristically, much of British Columbia.

Deep in winter, with delays in public transit, cars sliding everywhere, it might be a good time to look for alternative transportation. The ENVO snow bike is a pedal-assist battery-operated bicycle with an electric snow track in the rear and a snowboard which substitutes the front wheel It is capable of riding in snow and icy conditions up to 30 centimetres deep.

The Snow bike offers a 1,000-watt motor at a speed of 18 km/h and has a range of 10 kilometres or about 2 hours or ride per single charge. At 34 kg, the snow bike is easily transported and can fit in the back of a truck or SUV.

The snow bike is perfect for those who enjoy cycling but get derailed during the colder months because of weather conditions. Offering great stability and maneuverability, it can climb a 15-degree slope with up to 100 kgs of cargo.

At just under $3,000 for the snow bike kit, ENVO wanted to keep it affordable. This is achieved by taking the framework of a regular mountain bike and converting it into a snow bike. For people who like to do things themselves, this kit is perfect as you can buy the parts and assemble them yourself; or if you just want a done-for-you solution, ENVO can put everything together.

An added bonus is the front snowboard can easily be switched out for a wheel for all-weather conditions.

The kit includes the followings:

  • Snow track with an integrated hub motor

  • Controller system and interface

  • Accessories to attach the snow track to the rear fork

  • Accessories to attach the snowboard to the front fork

You can buy separately:

  • 48V 17.5Ah down-tube battery and charger

  • 120Cm youth Snowboard + $149

  • Complete Snow Bike kit @ $2789

The prototype has been tested and is almost ready for the market. You can preorder online today.

ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit