ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit

500 W
120 Km
32 Km/h

Snowboarding or Skiing is not the only option to enjoy winters anymore. As 80% of Canada is covered in snow for almost six months of the year, there is definitely a need for this versatile vehicle. The Snow-Bike is a Pedal assist battery-operated bicycle with an electric snow track on the rear and a ski substituting front wheel; With a powerful Li-Ion battery, providing up to 2 hours of pleasure aerobic cycling with a single charge.

Snow-Bike-Kit can convert any mountain bike to a snow bike.

Continue cycling in winter

Snowtime short commutes, light transportation and errands

Winter-Sport and tourism as a rental for winter resorts

DIY snow machine builders

Product’s Beta version is offered for pre-ordering to DIY community.

The kit includes the followings:
Snow track with integrated hub motor
Controller system and interface
Accessories to attache the snow track to the rear fork
Accessories to attach the snowboard to the front fork

If you are interested, Please fill out this <a href=”https://forms.zohopublic.com/ebikebc/form/SoftwareRequest/formperma/waS3inr8fUcTIELM_UN9X7e_VQCadXb9gBY3YLJEF4Y”>form</a>

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E-Assist System

While riding a bike in the snow is tough, the ENVO Electric SnowBike is a different story. With E-assist, you'll cruise through the powder without breaking a sweat. The E-assist has varied levels to give you a harder work out or extra assistance.

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The SnowBike kit adds on to your existing frame.

Battery Pack

Up to 2 hours of riding on a single charge.

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The front ski attaches to your fork to direct yourself through the snow.


The electrically assisted tracks churn through the snow for a consistent ride.

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