ENVO Flex - An Introduction

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Mar 03, 2021

ENVO Flex - An Introduction

FLEX - An Introduction

The concept of electric bicycles as a mobility solution is relatively new compared to traditional internal combustion powered vehicles such as your car. While electric bikes may be the new kid on the block, they absolutely have the potential to replace the majority of traditional modes of transportation that use fossil fuels. 

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and over the years, they have evolved significantly. The first wave of electric bicycles were traditional urban bicycles and mountain bikes, followed by foldable, compact designs that are convenient. Recently, ebike designs are challenging the notion of the 'traditional bicycle' itself. These new designs include cargo bikes, utility bikes, and fat-tire bikes.

All of these innovations encompasses a certain type of requirement and cater to a specific market segment. These new concepts are improving the functionality of bikes and redefining the utility they provide. At ENVO, we believe that this is just the beginning of the journey for ebikes and sustainable engineering.

In 2018 we launched the ENVO D35 as an urban and leisure trail ebike. This ebike was designed specifically with North American customers in mind. It has an 8-speed cassette transmission, hydro-formed frame, and an advanced e-assist system. The D35 has one of the most efficient hub motors available making it the lightest ebike in its price category on the market.

After the successful launch of the ENVO D35, our customers and dealers asked for a step-through version which led to the development of the ST (Step-Thru). The ST features the same sustainable engineering and design parameters as the D35, but with the added benefit of a step-through design. This made it popular with the segment of customers looking for an easy way to hop on and off of their ebike.

In 2020, we launched the ENVO Lynx, a foldable bike for customers who value portability and compactness. The Lynx fits into most car trunks, can be easily stored in a condo when folded, and features a proprietary seat tube battery design.

ENVO currently designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products, but we know we can innovate further. As always, we listen closely to our customers. Based on customer feedback, we are proud to introduce the Flex line of electric bikes from ENVO.

Customers asked for a way to carry a passenger with them on their ebike adventures. There were those who wanted to bring two children in child seats with them, and of course, there were those who wanted a high-performance off-road bike that could carry their cargo or equipment.

ENVO Flex is an innovative product release from ENVO that features a common platform of frames engineered that can be converted from one riding application to another. There are a total of four models, all featuring a purposeful component spec and versatile add-on accessories.

The engineering team sat down and dug into the challenge. They identified four market segments of customers whose mobility needs were not being met. The following are the four applications that Flex now addresses:

  • OVERLAND - A high performance off-road ebike. Designed for those who frequent paths that are rough and unpaved - mountain trails, Jeep track, snowy terrain, or sandy beaches.

  • URBAN - A cargo utility urban ebike. Designed for customers who need to carry their equipment with them like tools or a surfboard.

  • TRIKE - Designed for customers looking for a very stable ride with lots of storage room in the trunk.  

  • SNOWBIKE -  Designed for customers looking to explore snowy trails and frozen lakes - perfect for ice fishing.


The single frame, modular design allows ENVO dealers to triple their inventory at no extra cost. Flex let's you manage the uncertainty of demand by stocking parts that offer customers vast customization with minimal investment in inventory.


Flex Overland is a sturdy off-road and cargo 20x4 inch fat tire eBike featuring a one-size, foldable aluminium step-thru frame and dual battery option. The proprietary rear hub delivers the maximum 1000W power, allowing you to flatten hills and carry your cargo with ease. The Flex Overland comes with hydraulic disc brakes, a rear carrier capable of carrying two child seats and front suspension.


Flex Urban is a stylish, light, and compact 20x3 inch fat tire electric bike with foldable aluminium unisex and uni-size step-thru frame. The proprietary front hub delivers a maximum of 500W of street-legal power and a range of up to 200K km with a dual battery option. It features mechanical disc brakes, a double child seat carrying rear rack, 8-speed gear, and much more.


Flex Trike is a 20 x3 inch fat tire electric adult trike featuring a one-size, foldable aluminium step-thru frame. Flex allows you a stable and safe ride and lets riders get to back to cycling, regardless of age or physical condition. The Flex Trike comes with a 500W front hub motor, mechanical disc brakes, dual battery option, 8-speed gear, and much more.


Flex Snowbike is a design unique to ENVO. It is the first of its kind, pedal-assist electric snow bike. Flex Snowbike lets you conquer the snow and is perfect for fitness, adventure and all-around family fun.

Flex allows you to upgrade and change your ebike as your riding needs change over time. The Flex Urban and Trike are interchangeable using modular design components, giving you the utility of two products on a single frame platform. Similarly, the Flex SnowBike and Overland can be converted into each other. The ENVO Flex lets you enjoy a wide range of riding road or snow adventures, all year round.

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