What Makes The ENVO Lynx The Best Foldable Ebike

What Makes The ENVO Lynx The Best Foldable Ebike

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Engineered in Canada the ENVO Lynx is a stylish, efficient and foldable electric bike. It is perfect for those with minimum space and well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure. The lightweight LYNX adapts perfectly to your lifestyle. The ENVO Lynx is one of the first ebikes globally to be certified with UL 2849, an electrical and fire safety certification. This certification makes the ENVO Lynx one of the safest ebikes in the world.

ENVO Lynx Folding Ebike - different colors

What Makes The ENVO Lynx Folding eBike Standout?

The ENVO Lynx features a folding frame made of 6061 Aluminum Alloy, treated with T6 heat treatment. ENVO uses a custom drawing technique to get the beautiful curve and ergonomic geometry in its design. The Lynx-20 comes in a uni-size frame that accommodates anyone from 4’11’’ to 6’4’’, making it inclusive to all.

Powering the ENVO Lynx is a proprietary rear hub motor. This motor provides peak 500W and 60Nm, which means you can climb the steepest hills with little effort. The sealed nature of the rear hub motor makes it virtually maintenance-free and can last you up to 20,000km of travel. The motor is powered by a Li-ion ENVO battery mounted in the seat tube, making it removable. The battery features smart BMS (Battery Management System), which ensures your battery is charged in the most efficient way and lasts for a long time. ENVO batteries can be charged on or off the bike frame using the portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger. The cells used in the ENVO Battery are LG 18650, which are top of the line Li-Ion cells. ENVO batteries are rated for Canadian winters and can survive temperatures as low as -20C.

Equipped with an advanced pedal-assist sensor, the ENVO Lynx uses optimized torque emulation software. There are five levels of pedal assist, which signal the controller to provide a boost to your pedalling depending on the level of assistance selected. The ENVO Lynx can reach a range of up to 70 km per charge on pedal assist level 1. The ENVO Lynx features an LCD that provides you with a visual representation of your speed, battery information, pedal assist level, etc. The ENVO Lynx also features an on-demand thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost when applied.

ENVO Lynx Folding ebike Offers Ease And Flexibility

The ENVO Lynx is built for comfort and performance, offering class leading ergonomic design. The frame features a low stand-over-top tube design, making it easy for you to get on and off the bicycle. The adjustable telescopic handlebar stem on the Lynx allows the rider to fine tune their riding position for maximum comfort or increased performance.

The Lynx features 2.32’’ tires that act as suspension, and a cushioned unisex saddle provides a comfortable journey on the trail.

The ENVO Lynx is fitted with a high-efficiency 40LUX LED headlight and rear taillight. Controlled by the keypad on the handlebar, the LED headlight is powered by the main battery ensuring your safety in the darkest of environments. Equipped with front and rear fenders, the ENVO Lynx provides a comfortable ride in rain and mud. The tires on the D35 are 20 x 2.35 and designed for dynamic manoeuvrability and traction for a stable, quiet ride in all terrain and conditions.

The Lynx features a 7-gear drivetrain. The cogs start from 11 teeth up to 32 teeth, and the crankset has 52 teeth. From gear levels 1 to 7, you can get gear ratios between 52/11(4.72) and 52/32 (1.63). The gear range allows you to speed up on the level road (responsibly!) and climb the steepest hills. Electric bicycles encounter more load than most bicycles out there. ENVO ebikes require the highest grade of components which is why the ENVO Lynx features high-quality 13G spokes and double-wall rims.

For maximum stopping power ENVO uses top of the line mechanical disk brakes with 160mm rotors on both front and rear wheels. Brakes are equipped with electric cut-off sensors providing more safety to the bike and rider by ensuring the motor cuts off when the brakes are applied. The rear carrier on Lynx can carry 25kg, making it capable of carrying anything from groceries to a child seat. The Lynx is an all-rounder ebike for all activities, from weekend trail rides to commuting or riding around the city.

The ENVO Lynx is really a one of a kind engineered folding ebike. If you need an easy portable space-saving ebike the Lynx is what you’re looking for! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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