ENVO Conversion Kit Features

ENVO Conversion Kit Features

What exactly is a conversion kit, and do you need one? Engineered in Canada, ENVO Conversion Kits are light, efficient, and sustainable. A conversion kit can transform your ordinary bicycle into an electric bike. There are many types of conversions, and no one size fits all. ENVO Conversion kits use modular designs and interchangeable parts, ensuring that it is repairable and serviceable for the foreseeable future. We’ve broken down the components that go into a conversion kit so you can get a better idea of how they work.

Conversion Kit Motor

The proprietary rear hub motor is the powerhouse for Conversion Kits. This motor can provide peak speed at 500W and 60Nm, meaning you can climb the steepest hills with little effort. The sealed nature of the rear hub motor makes it virtually maintenance-free and can last you up to 20,000km of travel. ENVO utilizes high quality material in our motors. We use Neodymium magnets which provide the required torque and improve the overall efficiency of the motor. 

Conversion Kit Battery

A Li-ion ENVO battery powers this motor. There are two options for mounting the battery, the downtube or the rear rack. The D series is used for a downtube configuration, while the R series is for a rear rack configuration. The battery features a smart BMS (Battery Management System); this ensures your battery is efficiently charged and lasts a long time. ENVO Batteries can be charged on or off the bike frame using the portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger. The cells used in the ENVO Battery are top of the line Li-Ion cells. ENVO Batteries are rated for Canadian winters and can survive temperatures as low as -20C. Furthermore, ENVO Batteries pass certification UN 38.3, where they are tested for comprehensive altitude simulation, thermal, vibration, shock, external short circuit, impact, overcharge, and forced discharge testing.  

E-Assist System

The conversion kits are equipped with an advanced pedal-assist sensor with optimized torque emulation software. There are five levels of pedal assist, which signals the controller to provide a boost to your pedalling, depending on the level of assistance you selected. The conversion kits also feature an on-demand thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost when applied.

LCD Display

The LCD3 meter provides you with a detailed summary of your ebike. You’ll be able to see pedal assist levels, battery charge, km’s ridden, time, and throttle power. The LCD3 gives access to street legality, power, and speed restrictions to in-depth settings. It also provides diagnostics for potential electrical issues by indicating error codes.


ENVO Conversion Kits support front headlight and rear taillight. Controlled by a keypad on the handlebar, the Led headlight and rear tail light is powered by the main battery ensuring your safety in the darkest of environments.

Brake Cutoff

Brake cutoff switches can be installed on the brake levers. These electric cutoff sensors provide the bike and rider more safety by ensuring the motor stops when the brake is applied.

Waterproof Housing

ENVO Conversion Kits come with waterproof housing with colour coded connections. The colours assist you in adequately assembling the bikes into proper connections.


Electric bicycles encounter more load than standard bicycles, requiring the highest grade of components. ENVO conversion kits feature readily laced heavy gauge spokes making installation flawless. Additionally, they include waterproof connections allowing riding in all types of weather.

Downtube Battery Mounting

The ENVO battery can mount on the bike’s frame where a water bottle mount would be. Our ENVO battery is the thinnest battery case for suspension frames or small frames.

Rack Battery Mounting

The ENVO battery can mount on the bike’s frame where a water bottle mount would be. Our ENVO battery is the thinnest battery case for suspension frames or small frames. If you’re curious to know more about conversion kits and want to transform your current bike contact us, and we’ll set you up with a suitable kit for you.

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