5 Tips To Carry A Christmas Tree On Your Ebike

5 Tips To Carry A Christmas Tree On Your Ebike

With so many Christmas traditions, the most important is getting a Christmas tree. Transporting a Christmas tree isn’t the easiest task. 

With so many Christmas traditions, the most important is getting a Christmas tree. Transporting a Christmas tree isn’t the easiest task. If you have a car, it usually involves ropes, bungee cords and pine needles everywhere, then there’s the fear of your tree rolling off the roof once you start moving. While a car may be easier, transporting a tree by ebike may require a little more creativity but is in no doubt more fun and fulfilling. Small changes can make all the difference in reducing our environmental footprint. Especially over Christmas, when the potential for waste, overconsumption and mass shopping is at an all-time high. We tend to use just a little more with all the gifts, meals and decorations. We are all aware of climate change and how important it is to make every effort more sustainable. Now you may think, how do I transport this large tree on my bike home? With that being said, here are 5 tips to carry a Christmas tree on your ebike home.

1. Use An Ebike

The first tip might be obvious, but ebikes will definitely make bringing a tree home easier. Ebikes have been increasing in popularity due to their accessibility. The assisted motor gives that extra push you need when you have cargo. If you don’t have one already, ENVO ebikes are an affordable option. Using a 500W geared hub motor, you will definitely feel the power when carrying that tree. If you already have a standard bike and want the exercise, kudos to you! But if you want to convert your standard bike to an ebike, ENVO conversion kits are a great option to get you zooming. We have a multitude of options suited for any bike. Great you have an ebike, now how do you attach a tree to it? If you don’t have a cargo attachment, attach the tree to the rear or front rack carrier. Make sure to use bungee cords and rope to really secure it down.

ENVO ebikes

2. Santas Sleigh

If you already have a cargo carrier or bike trailer handy, you might be in luck! Just like Santa's sleigh, having extra space will make it easier to carry large unwieldy items. Place your tree in the cargo carrier and off you go! ENVO will soon be launching the flex series which includes a cargo ebike. In the meantime, if you don't have extra space, feel free to get creative, we also have a few more tips lined up! 

Man riding Envo cargo bike with Christmas tree

3. Bag It Up

If you’re willing to downsize on the tree you want, you can carry it in your bag! The bags on your back rack are always an option, whether it be a pannier bike bag or your trusty messenger bag. Make sure your tree is bundled tight with netting and attach it parallel to the ground under the flap of a messenger bag, or stick it in the pannier and strap it down. The benefit of a smaller tree means less cleanup and pine needles after the holidays.

4. Just Carry It

If you don’t have any bags and are up for the challenge, wrap the tree, attach a sling of some sort and toss it over your back. Make sure the sling or fabric you use is tough enough to not lose your tree in the middle of traffic. Another old-school option- just carry it under your arm or lay it lengthwise along the front of the frame. Remember to take into account the length of the tree and your riding skills!

5. Rent A Tree

If all this sounds like a lot of work another eco-friendly option is to rent a tree! Many farms offer the option to choose a tree and have it delivered to your door. You decorate and care for the tree during the holidays, then they’ll pick it up and replant it! Saves you an extra task, and you get to save a tree! If you’re local to Vancouver or the lower mainland, here are a few options where you can rent a tree! (Evergrow Christmas trees or Tristar Nurseries). If you already have an artificial tree, then you can use that for many years to come. You can also consider a wooden tree, or if you own many plants, decorate those! They are great for decoration but also add a touch of uniqueness.

buy Christmas trees

With all these options, take into account that winter is not the easiest season to bike. The width and weight of the tree may affect your speed and balance when maneuvering in traffic. Adjust your pace until you get a feel of biking with the tree. Don’t be afraid to slow down and check your surroundings often. Safety is always the first priority, with winter days becoming shorter make sure you also have reflective gear and turn on your headlights. Plan out your route in advance if you’re nervous to avoid traffic and make sure you have good visibility. Having a few friends along for the ride never hurts either!


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