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D35 - Demo/Floor
Sandy Cochrane
Awesome deal on an awesome bike!

Super fast shipping, bike arrived in 2 days! The bike was well packed, easy to assemble thanks to the YouTube assembly video! The E-bike staff were most helpful and great to deal with! I’m going to enjoy this beautiful looking bike for years to come! Can’t wait until the snow melts so I can get riding!

Well designed and built, I can recommend the conversion kits

Glad to have electric assist in my bikes and trikes, I have installed 14 kits into various bikes and trikes, recumbent and non recumbent, with 26 inch and 20 inch wheel sizes, 500W and 350 W, front and rear and all work fine. I started in 2016 and have logged 2100 km on the bikes and 1600 km on the trikes not counting the Kilometers of the kits I installed for other family members and friends. Very pleased with the responsive tech support I have received over the last two years in case you have a question.Tested the bikes/trikes in all kind of weather,gravel,dirt,snow,ice,wet and dry and they performed very well. As an mechanical engineer with electrical background I can say they are well designed and built and I can recommend the conversion kits.

Lynx 20" - Pre-Owned
Ryan Laukkanen
Pre owned lynx 20

Great bikes. They were per owner so there were a few nicks and scratches. The shifter wasn’t adjusted and the chain came off on the first ride. I brought it in for a tune up and now works great. If you buy one make sure to take it in and have it looked over before you go for a ride. All and all happy with my purchase.


I was initially worried that this scooter would not be able to handle the weight of my deliveries, but I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this scooter to anyone in the delivery industry.

E50 Electric Scooter
Mark Pederson

I was initially worried that this scooter would not be able to handle the weight of my deliveries, but I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this scooter to anyone in the delivery industry.


incredibly lightweight and easy to fold up and carry, which makes it perfect for taking on public transportation or storing in my apartment


It's been a game-changer for my daily commute. Highly recommended...

E35 exceeded my expectations with its smooth ride. Thanks


E35 exceeded my expectations with its smooth ride. Thanks


It's long battery life making it the perfect mode of transportation for my daily commute. Thanks ENVO

I highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a convenient and enjoyable way to get around


I highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a convenient and enjoyable way to get around


I recently purchased an E50 and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Not only is it a lot of fun to ride, but it's also really convenient for getting around town...


I like that they are strong but foldable. Great value for the details

repeat request

I already have responded with my concerns and report

The Envo E50 scooter is worth every penny. It's made my life easier and more enjoyable.

ENVO Flex Urban
Jonathan Briones
I Bought 2 products but paid less for my needs

Thank you so much for this amazing design. I have a really tiny space and I wanted to have a tricycle as I feel unsafe to ride a bike in winters. I got this bike and a conversion kit to Flex trike so I convert it in winters and then convert it back to the bike in spring. Actually it gets more than 4 hours for me to convert it as Im not that good with tools but its worth it as I used the trike for 4 months this year

Avoid this Trike AND EbikeBC

You could get black - or aqua - who knows (since there isn’t photos of the other Color!? The trike also came damaged from shipping (broken portion of frame, derailleur broken and missing bolts).

That, and eBikeBC wont honour their shipping refund that they promised me twice in emails - so, yeah, go buy elsewhere.

ST - Demo/Floor
Matthew Garbula
You asked for it...

I will give a fair warning that I am blunt and any sass that comes across is likely accidental.

But you asked for feedback, so you are going to get it.

Many of the problems I have would be inconsequential on their own. Some of them are issues I may be able to solve with a deeper YouTube search than I've done so far.

But the problems began with the shipping company.

Clicking the link to check the status of delivery I noticed the time stamp of 'last updated' was often 6-18 hours in the future.
When it wasn't in the future, it was marked in the past. And to be clear here, I logged in at Noon on a Monday and it showed as last updated at 4am on Tuesday. Later I logged in at 3pm on that same Monday, and it showed last updated at 5am on that same Monday.
Issues there.

Next, the delivery company delivered my bike and gear without signature or paperwork.
I did NOT fill out the paperwork that would allow them to do this.
I did NOT agree to have the most expensive delivery I have ever made to be left unattended without proof of acceptance.
It wasn't even left at my door but in the middle of my driveway.
I was in another town house sitting and could not come secure my package for some days later.

Now we come to issues I've had with y'all.

When I brought up the issue of the delivery in an email, no acknowledgement was given.

The bike lock claims it can attach itself to the bike while biking for ease -it cannot
(Possibly only compatible with certain modules)

The pump claims it can attach to the bike - it cannot
(Possibly only compatible with certain modules)

The bike pump gauge is broken

The time on the screen does not function properly (when shut off it will choose any time if pleases once turned on again)
Possible I am missing something there?

The paniers I bought are not the ones advertised.

They do seem quite nice, but I have not been able to test them since I cannot attach them to the bike without bending part of the bike.

The pedal/chain/gears skip.
They skip a lot.
I need to emphasise this so you understand: They Skip A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot ride my bike again until I can resolve this.
I'll admit I am Not a "bike guy" so I'll have to do more googling to see if I can resolve this, but so far no dice.

I have only riden twice now.

It does not handle the incline as well as the other e-bikes out here, so I was a little disappointed about that, but some bikes are stronger than others I guess. Nothing to be done about that.
And for full transparency I live in a mountain town.
EVERYTHING is uphill.
When your grandad talked about gl8ng uphill both ways, he lived here. So likely this won't be as much an issue where you live.

And lastly I have put in two requests to speak to someone about some of these issues.
Once was officially through your site.
When I received a call from you guys I was glad to have someone help me.
As it turns out it was a sales associate trying to sell me another bike.
Because everyone needs 2?
He could not help me and would not transfer me but put in another request for someone to call me with help.

No one has called me since, but I DID receive this email.

I figured I'd wait until the end of the day at the end of the workweek to give you guys as much of a chance.

So I'm sure I am mistaken on the situation but it sure does seem like you guys are too busy to help me, but not too busy to try and sell me more stuff.

Again, I may be frustrated, but do recognise y'all may be super busy over there.
Then again, not everything I bought was as advertised, some of it doesn't work, and these seem like legitimate complaints to me.

Please call me

For all potential customers reading this I'd like to reiterate that I haven't riden for years, so some of this may be me complaining without good cause.
And when I received the email I thought this was going to them direct, not publicly like this so I will add this:

I searched Every bike retailer within BC (eligible with the ScrapIt programe) and this was by far the best deal. Best distance claimed (again, only ridden twice so I've yet to verify), best price, disk brakes seem to be the best option according to Google searches, and it arrived well within the time claimed it would.
The battery is easy to lock and easy to install/charge.
There is even a port to plug your phone in which I'm pretty sure they don't advertise but should. (Haven't tested that yet)
The screen has some solid features like it's brightness, if you want KM or miles plus others.
Plus the step through is great on my back (I have back issues), the bike lock Does work well I just need to wear a back pack to put it in, and it even comes with multiple keys.

Will update when applicable

The bike seems to be monstrous, yet it is much lighter than it appears. I ordered it with a child seat and it still has adequate cargo room on the back rack.

Completely Unassembled!

My 83 year old Dad purchased this bike. He understood that it would be assembled except for the battery. Instead, it came in multiple boxes in multiple pieces with NO MANUAL or even a picture of the assembled bike!! My brother, an avid biker, has spent several DAYS trying to figure out how to assemble it. He has tried contacting both the manufacturer and customer support but hasn't received any help. The picture below shows some of the boxes. Be prepared to spend $ to get a bike shop to assemble if you buy this bike.

ENVO ST Electric Bike
Claudia Schalm

This is a beautiful and light bike. However, I have found it does not have the power I would like to have on hills. Customer service has been amazing but no solution has been found to this problem.

Great Green Trike

reliable electric trike cargo that fits our business

I love how the Envo E50 scooter's electric motor kicks in right when I need it. It makes uphill climbs a breeze.

Excellent as always. Special shout out to Mitch and Serge.