December 06, 2023

ENVO’s Presence at Fully Charged Live Canada

ENVO’s Presence at Fully Charged Live Canada
Event Details

Date & time: 9-5pm, Tuesday, November 1, 2023

Location: Vancouver Convention Center , BC, CA

A Weekend of Innovation and Inspiration at the Vancouver Convention Centre


Vancouver, September 10, 2023 – That weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre was nothing short of electric! ENVO Drive Systems marked its dynamic presence at the Fully Charged Live Canada event, turning heads and sparking conversations in the realm of sustainable energy and electric mobility.

Our Booth: A Hub of Innovation
As visitors thronged our booth, they were greeted with the latest innovations that ENVO has been pioneering. Our range of electric bikes and eco-friendly accessories were not just displays but embodiments of our vision for a sustainable future. The highlight? The opportunity for attendees to test our cutting-edge products on the test track, an experience that many found exhilarating.

The Panel Discussions: Thought Leadership in Action
A pivotal moment was the panel discussion featuring our visionary CEO, Ali Kazemkhani, and our brilliant Engineering Lead, Haseeb Javed. The topic, “Will we ever see cheaper, smaller electric vehicles in North America?” stirred a significant debate, underlining ENVO’s commitment to reshaping the automotive landscape. Kazemkhani’s insights, alongside those of other industry luminaries, illuminated the pathway towards compact and efficient electric mobility.

In a separate session, Haseeb Javed captivated the audience with his deep dive into the world of e-bikes, exploring the latest trends and innovations.

Your Participation Made It Memorable
What truly made this event special was the enthusiasm and curiosity of you – our community. Your engagement at our booth, your participation in the test drives, and your insightful questions during the panel discussions fuel our mission to innovate.

A Heartfelt Thank You
To everyone who joined us at Fully Charged Live Canada, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your support is the wind beneath our wings as we journey towards a cleaner, greener future.



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