Veemo by Envo: Urban Mobility and Food Delivery Redefined

By ENVO Drive

Nov 08, 2023

Veemo parked outside in urban area

Author: Sam Rosati, Product Design Engineer

In the ever-evolving landscape of food delivery, one man stands out as a pioneer, leading the charge into a more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly future. Sam Morton, an early-adopter of the Veemo, has taken the food delivery industry by storm with his innovative approach to this demanding profession. In this blog post, we explore the game-changing Veemo and its transformation from a prototype to a cost-effective solution that could revolutionize the way we think about food delivery.

Sam Morton's Enthusiasm for the Veemo

Sam Morton's story begins in October 2022 when he became the first early-adopter of the Veemo. His experience with this innovative vehicle has been nothing short of transformative. Sam's journey with the Veemo began as a test ride but quickly evolved into ordering two of these remarkable machines. His endorsement is clear: "It's much more comfortable than a regular bike where you have such a small saddle, and sitting on it for 7-8 hours per day can get quite uncomfortable. The Veemo has a much larger seat and a backrest, making it much more comfortable for the 60-70 km per day of riding that I typically do for food delivery. It's also semi-enclosed and it's got a windshield wiper so you can see where you're going when it's raining."



Veemo with food delivery bag parked outside of a restaurant


What makes the Veemo stand out is its unique combination of features, which caters to the specific needs of food delivery professionals. The semi-enclosed design provides increased weather protection, reducing exposure to the sun and offering much-needed rain protection. The windshield wiper ensures clear visibility even during inclement weather, allowing food couriers to carry out their work with ease.


From Prototype to Affordable Reality: Envo's Contribution

Sam Morton's Veemo experience is unique in that he's using an older generation of the vehicle, a pre-production prototype. This initial iteration, powered by a mid-drive motor and featuring a belt drive to the rear wheel through an enviolo transmission, never made it to the market due to its high price tag. However, that's where Envo comes into the picture.

Sam Rosati and the engineering team at Envo working on the CAD model for the Veemo


Envo Drive Systems has stepped in to revamp the Veemo, with a redesign in its final stages. This revision aims to make the cost of owning a Veemo much more affordable, putting it in line with the price point of many other electric bikes. The new Veemo is equipped with Envo's hub motor, a reliable chain drive-9 speed transmission, and a redesigned rear end, all of which result in a more efficient vehicle offered at a fraction of the original cost.


Why Should Food Delivery Drivers Choose Veemo?

We firmly believe that Sam Morton is not alone in his enthusiasm for the Veemo. Delivery drivers throughout Canada and the United States are likely to be equally intrigued by this exceptional product. It's a game-changer that can revolutionize the way delivery drivers approach their daily work, offering a seamless and cost-effective solution that is bound to capture the attention of professionals nationwide. Here are several compelling reasons that make the Veemo a standout choice for professionals in the food delivery industry:


Urban Accessibility

In bustling downtown areas of cities like Vancouver and Toronto, car delivery can be an arduous task due to parking challenges and heavy traffic. The Veemo offers an ideal solution to navigate these urban jungles with ease. Its compact design allows for easy maneuvering through congested streets, and its ability to utilize bike lanes makes it a preferred choice for quick and efficient food deliveries.


Comfort and Protection of a Car

While bicycles have been a go-to option for many food couriers, the Veemo takes the concept of comfort to the next level. With its larger, more ergonomic seat and backrest, it provides the same level of comfort you'd expect from a car, making those long hours on the road much more enjoyable. The semi-enclosed design offers a level of protection that is unparalleled, keeping you safe from harsh weather conditions.


Economical and Environmentally Friendly

The Veemo uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries, making it an economical choice for food delivery drivers. Charging the vehicle is a cost-effective alternative to filling up a gas tank, and it significantly reduces your environmental footprint. With rising concerns about climate change and pollution, the Veemo allows you to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


No License or Insurance Required

Another significant advantage of the Veemo is that you don't need a driver's license or insurance to operate it. This eliminates the bureaucratic hurdles and costs associated with owning a car and ensures that you can hit the road quickly without any red tape.


Extended Range and Reduced Fatigue

The Veemo offers a substantial advantage over traditional bicycles when it comes to range and rider fatigue. With the option of a single or dual battery, you can cover much greater distances without feeling drained. This extended range allows you to reach more customers in less time, improving your efficiency and earnings. You can even use the throttle only when you need that extra boost, such as going uphill or when you're tired of pedaling.


Speed and Efficiency

With the Veemo, you can deliver food faster and more efficiently compared to a traditional bicycle. The integrated electric motor provides a speed boost that helps you complete deliveries quickly, allowing you to serve more customers and maximize your earning potential.


Veemo represents a significant step forward in the world of food delivery. With its combination of comfort, protection, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, it offers a compelling alternative to traditional cars and standard e-bikes. Sam Morton's experience as an early-adopter highlights the potential for the Veemo to revolutionize food delivery and perhaps even change the way we think about urban transportation. So, if you're in the business of food delivery, the Veemo could be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

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