April 22, 2024

Unleash Your Inner Trailblazer - INTRODUCING THE ENVO D50 EMTB

Unleash Your Inner Trailblazer -  INTRODUCING THE ENVO D50 EMTB
ENVO named one of Canada’s Clean Technology winners in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ program Reading Unleash Your Inner Trailblazer - INTRODUCING THE ENVO D50 EMTB 4 minutes

Calling all mountain enthusiasts and urban adventurers! We're stoked to unveil the ENVO D50 E Mountain Terrain Bike, the ultimate electric bike that defies categorization.

D50 EMTB: Your Do-It-All E-Bike

The D50 seamlessly transforms from a mountain conqueror to a city workhorse. Imagine tackling your daily commute with effortless pedal assist, then hitting the trails for a weekend adrenaline rush – all on the same incredible machine.

Built to Conquer Any Terrain:

The D50 EMTB is built with a solid, super lightweight, stylish, and unisex hydro-formed aluminum alloy frame.  This frame allows for the bike to be 28kg only. The frame is capable of a payload of up to 400 lbs and offers an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy for the rider to get on and off. The powerful 750W motor makes it a beast on off-road adventures. Conquer technical climbs and navigate challenging terrain with ease. The D50 EMTB isn't afraid of dirt, featuring a high-performance suspension that absorbs bumps and shocks, keeping you comfortable and in control.

Comfort and Convenience:

The D50 EMTB isn't just about power. When duty calls, switch to a comfortable ride for weekday errands. The adjustable pedal assist takes the strain out of your commute, leaving you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.  The ergonomic design, with its adjustable seat and handlebars, ensures a comfortable ride for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Double Duty Hauler:

Need to haul groceries or gear? No problem! Equip your D50 EMTB with a spacious cargo rack and basket, transforming it into your ultimate utility vehicle. Its versatility makes it perfect for replacing short car trips, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving you money on gas.

Two Cargo Rack options

  1. Integrated rear rack capable of 25 kg (55 lb) load
  2. Heavy Duty Cargo Rack capable of heavy loads or even a second passenger.


    Adventure for Two:

    The D50's capable design allows you to share the ride. With enough power to handle two passengers, it's the perfect way to experience the outdoors with a friend or loved one. Imagine cruising through city streets or exploring scenic trails, back-to-back on your trusty D50 EMTB.

     Torque Sensor

    The D50 e-mountain bike features a bottom bracket torque sensor. This sensor detects the amount of force you apply to the pedals and delivers electric assistance proportionally. The more you pedal, the more power the motor provides, creating a natural and intuitive riding experience. 

    Unleash the Power (Off-Road):

    When venturing off-road, unlock the D50's Class 3 features, unleashing up to 750W of power and reaching speeds of 45 km/h (where regulations permit).  This lets you conquer steep inclines and power through challenging terrain with confidence.

    Conquer Trails, Stay Street Legal:

    The D50 offers the best of both worlds. Experience the thrill of mountain biking with the confidence of a street-legal e-bike. In Class 1 and Class 2 modes, the D50 boasts an impressive 150km range on PAS 1, allowing you to explore further on a single charge. This makes the D50 ideal for extended commutes or weekend adventures.

    Safety First:

    Your safety is our priority. The ENVO D50 features a UL-certified battery, giving you peace of mind wherever your ride takes you. Additionally, the D50 comes equipped with powerful disc brakes for confident stopping power in any condition.

    Crafted in North America, For North America:

    Envo Drive understands your needs. This Canadian-crafted and designed e-bike is made for North American weather and conditions. The bike is completely designed in our 12000 sq ft R7D facility in BC, Canada. Our engineers are riders,  they have designed the D-Series that can be pushed to the limits without breaking a sweat! Extreme weather doesn’t affect it, making it the perfect choice for North American riders.

    The ENVO D50 EMTB: A Versatile E-Bike for Every Rider

    The ENVO D50 EMTB caters to a wide range of riders, offering unmatched versatility and capability. It's the perfect e-bike for those who crave adventure and functionality. Whether you're a city dweller looking for a reliable commuter, a weekend warrior seeking off-road thrills, or simply someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint, the D50 has something to offer.

    Ready for the D50 EMTB?

    Visit our website to know more or reach out to us at today!


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