Testing the ENVO FLEX Snowbike

Testing the ENVO FLEX Snowbike

Snow In The Spring? Testing the Envo Flex Snowbike

Canada is known for long winters, and lucky for us, that meant the ENVO engineering team could test the latest updates on the ENVO Flex Snowbike. Our engineering team and CEO went up to Cypress Mountain to conduct performance testing on the fresh powder on a snowy spring day. The ENVO Flex Snowbike is much more stable when turning and riding up inclines at 15km/hr through vigorous design updates.

The engineering team noticed the chain fell off while riding. The engineers solved the issue by adding a larger chain tensioner to provide an additional range to the chain. However, while the chain no longer fell off, the chain started to skip when the rear cog accumulated with snow. The engineers will be back to the drawing board to solve the issue before the next winter season. Stay tuned!

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