Everything On Electric Scooters + 7 Reasons to Buy One!

By Ajay Agrawal

Nov 16, 2022

Everything On Electric Scooters + 7 Reasons to Buy One! | ENVO


Traffic and crowded streets are familiar scenes for many dwelling in big cities. Hence, no wonder why the search for modern transportation solutions is always a trending topic. At least now that it seems having a car is more of a burden than an advantage! The high cost of maintenance and repairs, along with the cost of fuel and the hot topic of greenhouse gas emissions by cars, makes it a justifiable claim to go for cheaper and more convenient transportation methods. Methods like electric scooter bikes will work for you in short and even slightly longer distances. 

Electric scooter or e scooter is among the most popular micro-mobility solutions. It has topped the list and surpassed in popularity compared with self-driving cars, bicycles, e-bikes, and ride-hailing options. 

Moreover, citizens and tourists worldwide opt for these scooters as quick and cheap transportation vehicles. Finally, statistics indicate an increased demand for them in the coming years. If all that's been mentioned doesn't sound enough for you to go and purchase one, we invite you to read the full article and decide for yourself. 


A Couple Riding an Electric Scooter | ENVO


A Brief History of E-Scooters 

Electric scooters or e-scooters are another iteration added to the list of economical, environmental-friendly, and easy-to-use transport options. More precisely, it has been 21 years since Go-Ped Company manufactured the first scooter in 2001

The simple vehicle, equipped with an electric motor since 2013, is evolving faster now. 

On the other hand, considering the proliferation of electric outlets here and there in the cities to charge scooter batteries, the prevalence of e-scooter owners in Australia and the US is just natural. 

For example, in Australia, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission), along with other stakeholders, did a study to better understand the demographics of scooter users and their patterns of use.

The US is where battery-powered e-scooters have been around for many years, now fitted with GPS trackers and wireless connectivity. US scooter enthusiasts can buy their favorite vehicle often from one of the significant startup manufacturers them. 

Moreover, scooters for kids and adults are an increasingly popular phenomenon in Canada, Germany, France, and Singapore.

In Canada especially, Toronto marks itself as a pioneer in scooter riding. Among many reasons Canadians are turning to buy their proper e-scooter these days, we can point to the high gas prices. Though e-scooter is still banned in this city, shops report exponential growth in their sales. The country also has municipality-backed scooter programs running. 

Germany and France in Europe have their own sets of rules for owning and using an electric scooter. For instance, Germany requires you to have an official operating permit and buy mandatory liability insurance to ride on roads. 

Another European country, France, treats scooters much like the Germans. You must obtain valid insurance and ride only on cycling paths or streets. Finally, Singapore allows for e-scooter use only on pedestrian paths. It gets tough on riding them on footpaths or roads with hefty fines and jail sentences!

But what exactly is an e-scooter? E-scooter is the electric version of the scooter we've always known: the exact simple and lightweight vehicle that moves when you push off the ground using your leg. The difference between the electric version and the simpler apparatus is that the first one comes with a motor and rechargeable batteries that inject power all through the wheels to move.

A motorized scooter often consists of a deck for the rider to stand on, a controller, a little engine, plus wheels in the front and back. Electric scooters for adults and kids electric scooter is available. You can purchase one suitable to your needs and budget and enjoy running through the city. 


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How & Where to Use Your E-Scooter 

So, now we come to the practical side of the story. Remember that although riding an electric scooter is relatively easy, handling it in busy streets with cars requires experience. There is no standard code of rules and restrictions for its use in the urban space. It explains why such laws will differ from city to city and country to country. But, generally, if you consider some simple points when using your electric scooter bike, you can expect a pleasant ride:


Where To Use:  Because of the size and speed limits of e-scooters, the safest place to use them is between the lines dedicated to cyclists on the side of the streets or sidewalks. E-scooters are more like bicycles, and as such, they are not suitable for riding on roads where unexpected hazards threaten both riders and drivers. 



Respect Any Set Rules: Follow the regulations for electric scooter application wherever it applies. Using your own electric scooter with a seat may be permissible in public facilities with a high concentration of individuals and buildings. For instance, suppose you are a student, and riding scooters is allowed at your university campus. In that case, you must follow the regulations for its proper application inside the university. 



Teach Everything to Kids: If the scooter belongs to a kid, you, as the parent or primary caregiver, are responsible for ensuring your child's safety when riding their scooter. It is a good idea to teach them how to use it, maintain their balance, and then practice controlling the e-scooter. You can encourage them to observe safety measures for themselves and others. Also, planning shared riding sessions together may be more helpful. 

 Riding electric scooters in national park | ENVO



Seven Benefits of Having Your Desired Electric Scooter 

Hopping and riding on practical e-scooter has become so popular that some say it may even replace cars in big cities. Off road electric scooters have many advantages that encourage people to utilize them. Let's explore some of these plus points in more detail:


·   It Saves You from Rush Hour. 

One of the most significant advantages of using an e-scooter instead of a car is saving time wasted in traffic jams. Especially in rush hours of the early morning and evening when it is time for you to go to work and back home, choosing a scooter as a means of commuting seems smart. Imagine the relief you can expect riding an electric scooter in Vancouver!


·   It Costs a Fraction of a Car.

Suppose you are thinking of buying an e-scooter and searching for different models on the internet. In that case, you will see that their prices are in no way comparable to cars. While buying a car costs a fortune, buying an electric scooter for adults is a fraction of the price of a vehicle.

Even better than that, the price of fuel, maintenance and repairs, and other typical car costs are irrelevant in the case of electric scooters.

Also, in the long run, you'll save a lot of money this way, and even charging the electric scooter costs less.


·   No Need for Any Certificate or Insurance.

As a motor vehicle, there is no need for a license or registration to drive an e-scooter. Also, you do not pay for insurance. It is while if you have a car or motorcycle, buying insurance is mandatory. This way, you will save money and don't have to spend time and money going through all these legal procedures. 


·   It is Easy to Learn to Ride.

Adults need no special talent or attend any course to ride an electric scooter. All you need to do is to master maintaining your balance and coordinating your moves. Little practice every time helps you hone your navigational skills when controlling your scooter. Soon you will be able to find your way even on the busiest streets of the city.  


·   It Comes in Handy in High-Traffic Urban Areas

Living in big cities has lots of hustle and bustles to come up with. High traffic in the morning and evening rush hours sounds just overwhelming for many of us. We've already mentioned high fuel costs and taxes as negative points of owning a car in big cities. This, plus the fact that e-scooters occupy a minimum of space compared to vehicles, lets you run swiftly past traffic and save considerable time.  


·   Helps Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

The sedentary city-dwellers lifestyle has come under scrutiny in numerous types of research. It is believed to be the number one reason for many health problems we suffer from. These problems can include both physical and psychical diseases. Physicians advise individuals to add some physical activities to their daily lives, which involve moving their limbs and breathing faster. These come as natural outcomes of running your electric scooter. 


·   Caters to Your Promise of Curbing Carbon Footprint 

This final one goes for the riders concerned with environmental issues. An electric scooter with a seat relies solely on rechargeable batteries, and no fossil fuel consumption is involved. Just imagine what a considerable contribution you will make to our environment when riding your

scooter to:


  •  Do your weekly grocery shopping
  •  Visit your friends
  •  Commute to your workplace 


For example, a nice move of solidarity can be using your e-scooter on Earth Day to show your genuine respect for Mother Earth. 


Final Words 

As much as sports lovers and pro-environmentalists, you, as an average city dweller, may benefit from replacing your car with an electric scooter in Canada, too. In this article, we talked about why e-scooters are getting popular. 

Based on the information provided, you can expect to have the right to choose from among many scooters on this list, such as commuter scooters, fast electric scooters, road scooters with max speed, and scooters with removable seats, as well as scooters for adults and kids electric scooters.  

Furthermore, we explained some general regulations considering their application and where to use them. We named and explained the benefits of owning an e-scooter. Such benefits have both financial and physical plus sides. By now, you must have known that there are many reasons to fall in love with buying an e-scooter. Hopefully, this article has pointed out some hints for buying the best electric scooter or fastest electric scooter. 


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