ENVO Ebikes Compliant With Eco-Fee

ENVO Ebikes Compliant With Eco-Fee

All You Need To Know About The Eco-Fee

At ENVO our goal is to keep electronics out of landfills. Eco-fees help covers the cost associated with the safe and responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics through regulated recycling programs. Eco-fees are often administered by provincially-approved recycling programs and are not government taxes. As of May 1, 2022, every ebike and escooter sold in BC is required to abide by the British Columbia, Recycling Regulation under the Environmental Management Act. This regulation includes ebikes and escooters in electronic products under schedule 3 section 2(1) (g) of the regulation.
When it comes to recycling, there are two options: a manufacturer can arrange for their own collection and recycling program (which requires government approval and is not economical at a small level), or they can use an approved stewardship plan. Currently, there is only one approved stewardship plan, EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association). EPRA collects the eco-fee and operates the program for collecting and recycling eBikes and eScooters, including the battery.
Manufacturers of eBikes and eScooters are expected to be registered with EPRA and ensure all products put on the market are reported and the EPRA eco-fee is remitted. Eco-fees will be $14.95 for eBikes and large eScooters and $12.95 for eScooters under 20 kg. ENVO is registered with EPRA and will pay the eco-fees for every ebike or escooter sold within BC. 

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