LCD3 17A Controller System

LCD3 17A Controller System


The following dealers carry these accessories:

  • LCD display and computer,

  • Motor Controller 36V 17A,

  • Thumb Throttle,

  • Pedal Assist Sensor,

  • Brake cut-off magnetic switches,

  • Rain proof Controller and tools bag,

  • Zip ties, cable shield and installation accessories


  • LCD3 meter provide you with a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and vehicle status digitized displays to meet the trip demands.

  • Pedal Assist System (PAS) optimized to simulate the torque sensor. This computing system provides Speed limit PAS or Torque limit PAS levels from 0 to 5.

  • Trip time display (with displays of a single trip time (TM) and total trip time (TTM));

  • Trip speed display (with displays of real-time speed (Km/H or MPH) and a single maximum speed (MXS) and a single average speed (AVS));

  • Trip distance display (with displays of a single trip distance (DST) and total trip distance (ODO));

  • Display of turned on handlebar;

  • Display of power-assist startup;

  • Power assistant ratio (or handlebar) gear (ASSIST) switch;

  • 6Km/H power assistant push function;

  • Cruise function (CRUISE);

  • Battery capacity indicator;

  • Real-time battery voltage (VOL) display;

  • Motor power and temperature (MOTOR) display;

  • Brake display;

  • Turn on backlighting and lights ;

  • Environment temperature display;

  • Data clearing;

  • Fault code display;

  • User parameter setting

  • 5' large screen

  • Rubber clamp spacer is provided for 3 handlebar bore sizes: 22.5mm, 25.4mm, 31.5mm

  • easy key button, easy control,

  • waterproof housing with good appearance

Motor Controller:

  • Brushless Motor Controller

  • Voltage: 36V

  • Min Voltage: 30+-0.5V

  • Max Current: 17+-1A

  • Speed Set: 1-4.2V

  • Angle: 120

  • Brake Input: Low-Level

Thumb Throttle:

  • Haul effect sensor, Analogue linear increasing torque

Pedal Assist Sensor

  • 2 pieces 12 Magnet easy assemble Pedal Assist Sensor,

  • Just stick the sensor, no need to disassemble the crank.

  • this sensor is compatible with optimized PAS controlling systems and provide the best pedal assist performance, rapid response and torque sensor simulation.

Brake cut-off magnetic switches

  • Just stick the magnet sensors, no need to disassemble the brake levers.

  • it cuts-off the motor when you brake

Rainproof controller and tools bag.

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Jean Pierre Noiseux

Instructions de programmation incomplètes, difficile à suivre, et en anglais seulement J'ai due faire des recherches sur internet pour trouver des instructions en français.