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"Revolutionary Flex Platform Transforms Your E-Bike Into an All-Season Machine With Tracks"

"This awesome ebike conversion kit turns a regular bike into a radical snow machine!"

"As if mountain bikes weren’t versatile enough, the Envo Kit turns a mountain bike into an electric snowmobile."

"Envo's SnowBike kit turns your bicycle into a pedal-assist snowmobile ready to take on the winter season"

"The kit attaches onto most mountain bikes and comes completely assembled and ready to install"

"Canadian company Envo has created a conversion kit that turns a mountain bike to a snowmobile"

More than 150 Dealers in North America

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We have been an ENVO Dealer since 2018. The bikes are good sellers with us, and we enjoy working with their entire team. Whether we need bikes or spares or help with warranty, Mitch andthe team at ENVO are always quick to respond and read to help! ENVO is an engineered solution, as for their products and designs... our customers like them!We whole-heartedly recommend ENVO whenever we can!

Peter Paul Jessome - Source for Sports

We have called upon tech support for 7 different brands and I must say that team ENVO is by far the friendliest, most efficient, and knowledgeable team we call upon.

Will Manuel - Emotion

One of the few serious E-Bike brands available on the market. Quality, weight and style combined.

Remy Dunoyer - Repair and Run

Can only say nothing but great things about ENVO eBikes. BicyclesMcW has had tremendous success carrying and selling ENVO eBikes since 2020, such as the ENVO D35, ENVO ST and the ENVO Lynx-20 models. ENVO eBikes definately represent great value and they source their parts & accessories from some of the top brand companies today (e.g. Shimano, Suntour, Kendal Tires, Zoom, RST, etc.).

Ricardo from BicyclesMcW Team

Buy an Envo product!. They come in several sizes to fit most everyone. With their good service department we have been able to resolve any problem that arises. The bike’s weight is great for the price! The bikes include all the main accessories people love; suspension fork, shock seat post, fenders, rear rack, lights and an adjustable handlebar!

Cal Toews from Cal’s Cycle