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Micro Electric Mobility is an emerging sector, potentially not officially categorized as an industry at this point. It shares similarities with the Electric Mobility (EV) Industry in the early 2000s. However, by 2025, the EV Industry is projected to outgrow the traditional Automotive sector in terms of size and revenue..



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At ENVO, we envision Micro Electric Mobility evolving into an industry of comparable or even greater size, driven by the increasing awareness of and commitment to environmental consciousness. This transformative shift is already underway and is expected to gain momentum with changing generations. Our commitment to ENVO reflects our dedication to contributing to and investing in the future we aspire to build.

"To be the preferred e-mobility solution for the sustainable future of our planet.”

ENVO has achieved significant milestones through self-sufficiency and prudent financial management. As a financially robust and cash-positive enterprise, it offers a secure investment opportunity. Our management team is adept at efficiently utilizing available resources and operational cash flow, steering the company towards profitability and sustained growth.

We excel in leveraging external resources to catalyze accelerated growth and maximizing the impact of our company and brand influence. If you believe your resources can positively contribute to ENVO's mission and share aligned visions, irrespective of the size or nature of your contribution—be it cash, assets, expertise, or any other form of investment—please feel free to reach out. Whether it's a partnership, cooperative effort, merger, acquisition, or any collaborative endeavor, we welcome discussions. Partnering and cooperation are integral to our core values and proven pathways to sustainable growth.

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