ENVO NEXT MOVE: TOP DESIGNS 2022: Cody Fuller - Water Strider

ENVO NEXT MOVE: TOP DESIGNS 2022: Cody Fuller - Water Strider

Cody Fuller's Water Strider is a testament to ingenuity and creativity, crafted with eco-touring, fishing, and recreation in mind. Composed of lightweight foam-filled recycled HDPE plastic deck panels and inflatable PVC pontoons, it optimizes structural integrity and stability while reducing overall weight and drag.

The Water Strider boasts a hybrid electric-pedal drive, allowing riders to power the craft with an electric hub motor, their own pedaling, or a combination of both, achieving maximum speed and energy efficiency. The lithium-ion battery pack provides ample power for a full day of water excursions.

Ease of use and versatility are key in the Water Strider's design. Heavy-duty hand-turnable fastening screws securely connect all parts, while the aluminum frame seat offers adjustable height, back support, and seat angle options for rider comfort. The sliding rail system accommodates riders of varying heights, ensuring a personalized experience.

Seamless control is achieved through an under-deck cable system, linking the rear rudder to a convenient steering control lever within the rider's reach. Power mode and throttle control for the hub motor are also easily accessed through wired sliders.

With four universal accessory rails, riders can customize their watercraft with a range of accessories for enhanced functionality. Additionally, the Water Strider's separable parts allow for future upgrades and easy packing. Its wheeled traveling case ensures hassle-free transportation and storage, fitting neatly into an average SUV or similar vehicle.

Cody Fuller's Water Strider exemplifies innovation and sustainability, merging form and function to create the ultimate eco-friendly personal watercraft, primed for unforgettable aquatic adventures.