ENVO NEXT MOVE: TOP DESIGNS 2022: Aurora By Andre Hoang

ENVO NEXT MOVE: TOP DESIGNS 2022: Aurora By Andre Hoang

In the creative hub of the ENVO Next Move design competition, a fresh concept stands out for its distinct focus on safety, portability, and storage - a uniquely designed e-scooter. This global platform, facilitated by ENVO Drive Systems, brings forward-thinking minds into the spotlight, allowing them to share their vision for the future of micro electric mobility.

At the forefront of this e-scooter concept is an uncompromising approach to safety. The design incorporates a bright LED headlamp and a unique steering wheel, infusing a futuristic aesthetic while ensuring high visibility. Three LED lights, cleverly designed to act as brake lights, turning signals, and daytime running lights, provide an additional safety layer, alerting nearby traffic to the rider's intentions.

Portability is a key element in this e-scooter concept. A 3-wheel design not only enhances stability but also facilitates a compact, suitcase-like form when folded, enabled by a sliding hinge system on the steering column. This folding design seeks to cater to urban commuters, offering an easy-to-carry solution for the hustle and bustle of city life.

electric scooter top design ENVO Next Move Design Competition

Finally, the design concept recognizes the need for storage, an often overlooked feature in many e-scooters. It proposes a built-in spot for an optional storage box, offering riders a convenient place to store their belongings. This added feature could transform the scooter into a suitcase-like carrier in its folded mode, integrating functionality with convenience.

While ambitious, this e-scooter concept presents a holistic view of what future e-scooters might look like - safe, portable, and accommodating to the user's storage needs. While not all elements may be feasible for real-world production, they open up new possibilities for design and functionality in the micro electric mobility space.

The ENVO Next Move competition continues to fuel groundbreaking innovations, inspiring designers to envision the future of e-scooters, e-bikes, electric ATVs, and more. With concepts like this unique e-scooter design, we are encouraged to reimagine the boundaries of micro-mobility and continue the pursuit of safer, more convenient travel solutions.

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