Envo Awarded First UL 2849 Electric Bike Certificate In Canada

Envo Awarded First UL 2849 Electric Bike Certificate In Canada

The Future Of Safety UL 2849

ENVO Drive introduces a massive step towards electric bike safety by announcing that they have become the first Canadian company to be awarded the UL 2849 certification. We here at Envo Drive prioritize our customer’s safety above all. Keeping in line with this and the values of our organization, we are glad to announce successful enrollment with UL 2849, which will be an excellent boost for the quality assurance of our products. UL 2849 is an industry standard for the electrical safety system of electric bikes. The UL 2849 certification process assesses a wide range of aspects of the electrical system of electric bikes, ranging from battery management systems to controllers, chargers, and electric batteries.

The first edition was published in 2020. Compliance with all UL 2849 regulations in a short period is a feat that speaks to the sustainable engineering, innovation and safety-oriented mindset of our R&D department. “Designing the Electric bike system that was UL 2849 compliant was easy. The challenge was convincing the whole supply chain to comply with the requirements of the standard during the COVID-19 pandemic”, said M. Haseeb Javed, R&D Engineer at ENVO.

“At Envo, we are committed to electric evolution or, as coined by us, #Envolution. Our passion lies in sustainably engineered, future-proof mobility solutions that are industry leading when it comes to safety, and this certification shows our commitment to just that”, said Ali Kazemkhani, CEO at ENVO. While not a mandatory requirement as of now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), USA, listed UL 2849 as the primary electric safety system standard to help ensure the safety of electric bikes and electrically power-assisted cycles (EPACs). Envo continues to uphold its promise of delivering safe, environmentally friendly products. Our value proposition, the safety of our customers and our drive to keep moving forward is something we do not compromise on.

Envo Drive is an engineering company focusing on electric mobility based in Burnaby, BC. Envo continues to innovate sustainable mobility and design and create ebikes & conversion kits. The CEO, Ali Kazemkhani, is an engineer and entrepreneur. For more information, please visit envodrive.com or email engineering@envodrive.com