December 07, 2023

ENVO at the 2023 Micromobility America

ENVO at the 2023 Micromobility America
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Event Details

Date & time:9-5pm, Thursday, October 19-20, 2023

Location:San Francisco Bay Area


October 19-20, 2023, marked a pivotal moment for ENVO as we set our sights on the bustling San Francisco Bay Area for the world’s largest conference dedicated to small electric vehicles – the Micromobility America Conference.

Amidst the cutting-edge showcase, our booth, number 405, became a hub of activity, drawing in a diverse crowd of enthusiasts, industry influencers, and journalists. It was exhilarating to see the palpable excitement as visitors engaged with our team, eager to learn about our latest ventures in electric mobility.

Our commitment to evolving electric mobility was evident through our dynamic display, which included our top-of-the-line ebikes and the much-anticipated Veemo. These models aren’t just products; they are symbols of our dedication to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.

The highlight for many was the opportunity to take our ebikes and Veemo for a spin on the test track. It was more than just a test ride; it was an experience, a chance to feel the wind and witness firsthand the potential of electric mobility. The smiles, the conversations, and the feedback were overwhelmingly positive and reinforced our belief that we are on the right track.

The Micromobility Landscape is ever-changing, and as it expands, it provides a snapshot of the most prominent solutions shaping our transit systems. We were thrilled to be part of this landscape, showcasing products that resonate with the current needs and future aspirations of urban transportation.

At ENVO, we understand that keeping up with the dynamic micromobility market is a constant work in progress. This event was not only a chance to exhibit but also a platform to connect and grow. We invite companies, startups, and innovators to join this revolution. If you have a new venture or know of one that deserves the spotlight, we encourage you to submit an application. Let’s drive the change together.

As we wrap up our successful participation at the Micromobility America Conference, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited us. Your insights and enthusiasm fuel our passion. Let’s continue to connect, innovate, and ride towards a greener future.


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