February 12, 2024

ENVO at carnaval de Quebec

ENVO at carnaval de Quebec
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Event Details

Date & time: Friday, February 2-7, 2024

Location: The Loto-Québec Zone



The Carnaval de Québec, a time-honored tradition celebrated in the heart of winter, has always been a spectacle of culture, joy, and the resilience of the human spirit against the cold. This year, the carnival embraced a futuristic twist, integrating the thrill of electric mobility into its festivities with the introduction of the ENVO SnowKart. This collaboration marks a milestone in the carnival's history, marrying the joys of winter sports with the cutting-edge technology of electric mobility solutions provided by ENVO.

About Carnaval de Québec:

Held annually in Québec City, the Carnaval de Québec is the largest winter carnival in the world, attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe. Known for its colorful parades, snow sculptures, and the iconic Bonhomme Carnaval, the festival celebrates the depth of winter's beauty and the warmth of community spirit. In its latest edition, the carnival expanded its embrace of innovation and sustainability, showcasing the ENVO SnowKart as one of its winter activities.

Spotlight on ENVO SnowKart:

Canadians know a thing or two about having fun in the snow, so when Carnaval de Quebec organizers were introduced to the e-SnowKarts from ENVO Drive Systems, they immediately knew their visitors would appreciate the chance to try them out. So they acquired 12 of these super-fun, quick, nimble – and more importantly quiet and zero-emissions – e-vehicles as a guest attraction for the 70th anniversary event, which kicked off on January 25 and runs through February 11.

The SnowKart attraction will begin this Friday, February 2, located at Carnaval de Quebec’s (CDQ) ‘M. Christie flip-flop and down jacket’ festival space. Visitors can enjoy some laps on the CDQ’s dedicated snow track on these ‘mini e-snowmobiles’ for a small fee.

And if they’re hooked after a test ride, or they just see the Karts buzzing (silently) around, visitors can get all the info and buy one of their own; they’re available now for sale to the public on ENVO’s website. ENVO is confident there will be a lot of interest once festival goers see the vehicles at play.

“When the ENVO team showed these vehicles to the Carnaval team, they knew their visitors would love to be able to ride them. And we were thrilled with the opportunity of course,” says Ali Kazemkhani, ENVO’s founder/owner. “So we gave them a great deal, and they bought a fleet and set up a track. They fit the ethos of both ENVO and this festival perfectly: a deep love of winter and fun in the snow, all in an environmentally friendly and quiet way.”

During its 18-day period, Carnaval de Quebec – the largest winter festival in Canada and maybe the world – transforms the city into a sprawling snow festival with all manner of decorations, exhibits, lights, etc., plus an international ice sculpture contest, an ice canoe race, ice climbing and much more. Also on the agenda are numerous hands-on activity sites for young and old, a parade of allegorical floats, and musical evenings. On average, around half a million or more revelers attend each year, and the organizers expect the same this year.

“We couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for our SnowKarts than this wonderful Carnaval,” says Serge Giguere, ENVO’s regional rep, who was born and raised in the area and enjoys lifetime memories of the event. “We’re confident visitors will really enjoy them and appreciate the quality and e-mobility technology. We’re so proud of these incredibly fun yet environmentally conscious products – they’re absolutely indicative of the ENVO brand in general.



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