Project Brief: Hydrofoil Water Bike

Project Brief: Hydrofoil Water Bike Buy Product


At Envo we are committee to evolving electric mobility for everyone. Our passion lies in sustainably engineered e-mobility solutions and when we talk about e-mobility solutions, we are not just talking about traditional products but also highly specialized niche products. Hydrofoil WaterBike is one such venture where we are working on an ultra- portable e-mobility for water lovers. This waterbike is your partner in exploring local shoreline, low impact fitness training or getting around to hard-to-reach fishing spots.

Problem/Opportunity Statement

Watercrafts require large amount of power to move, especially at the higher speeds due to exponential relation between speed and required power to reach that speed. Watercrafts operate on three different principles, the most tradition is displacement type where buoyance force is responsible for keeping craft floating, second type is planning where hydrodynamic force supports the watercraft and is suited for high-speed purposes. The third type is hydrofoiling, in this a hydrofoil supports the weight of craft and lifts it out of the water, decreasing water resistance, this method is by far the most efficient method.

Electric batteries do not offer same level of energy density as a hydrocarbon-based sources of energy, consequently for the same level of performance an electric system must be more efficient than traditional hydrocarbon fueled systems. We here at ENVO believe hydrofoils are the answers to a more efficient electric water mobility system.

In the past, we developed modular conversion-kit based hydrofoils for kayaks and surfboards but due to instability of these watercrafts when lifted out of water the increase in efficiency did not translate into a performance improvement. This led us to believe that a complete platform needs to be designed with integrated hydrofoils.

ENVO is developing pedal assist electric powered catamaran styled pontoon-based hydrofoil supported watercraft (water bike). The hydrofoils in this water bike would carry part of the weight and partially lift it out of the water.

Previous Efforts

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The goal here at ENVO is to design and manufacture an electric assist human powered water bike with the following features.


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