ENVO Next Move:  Top 10 Designs 2022: Tan Chee Sing

ENVO Next Move: Top 10 Designs 2022: Tan Chee Sing

Bridging Mobility Gaps: Tan Chee Sing's Conceptual TWO-Gether E-Bike for Wheelchair Users

In the imaginative realm of the ENVO Next Move design competition, Tan Chee Sing presents a compelling idea that merges social consciousness with micro-mobility - the TWO-Gether e-bike. This yearly competition, facilitated by ENVO Drive Systems, provides a global stage where concepts like Tan's can spark conversations about the future of micro electric mobility.


The TWO-Gether concept revolves around an e-bike with a collapsible carriage, designed to offer mobility to cyclists and wheelchair users alike. This idea seeks to address a significant social challenge - providing comfortable, convenient last-mile mobility to millions of wheelchair users worldwide. The concept represents an empathetic approach to design, although it would face substantial hurdles in terms of safety regulations and technical feasibility before becoming a commercial reality.


Tan's design entails an electric bicycle that can be ridden traditionally or used to transport a wheelchair user. The battery-powered motor is proposed to handle the extra weight of the wheelchair user, moving both the bicycle and the cyclist forward. The carriage, made of synthetic floorboard and lightweight perforated metal sheet walls & doors, is envisioned to be collapsible, transforming into a flat appendix to the bike when not in use.


The TWO-Gether concept aims to not only promote micro-mobility and sustainability but also foster human-to-human interaction. Cyclists could potentially offer rides to family and friends who are wheelchair users, enhancing mobility options for this community.

Despite the many challenges of bringing a product like this to market, Tan believes in the business viability of the TWO-Gether e-bike. His vision offers a compassionate perspective on the future of micro-mobility, seeking to provide a more inclusive and accessible world for all.


Tan Chee Sing's TWO-Gether concept, while ambitious, offers a glimpse into a world where electric micro-mobility could serve a wider segment of society. It underscores the spirit of the ENVO Next Move competition, prompting us to rethink and expand the possibilities of e-bikes, e-scooters, electric ATVs, and more. Through his innovative vision, Tan reminds us that inclusivity and empathy should remain at the heart of our technological advancements.