Why Ebikes Beat Public Transportation Every Time

Why Ebikes Beat Public Transportation Every Time

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Let’s face it; public transportation can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Getting crammed into a bus or train with sweaty strangers isn’t exactly the ideal commute. No matter how much you try to drown it out with the latest hit podcast, you still can’t seem to keep people out of your personal space. You justify it over and over in your head with thoughts of how you’re saving money on parking, gas, insurance and helping the environment by taking public transportation. While all of these are true, there is another way to save money and the planet while alleviating the headache of fighting for a seat on the subway. As a bonus, you can even get the perfect amount of exercise to boost you up before a long work or school day. If you think this sounds like a no-brainer, it might be time to invest in an ENVO ebike.

Crunching The Numbers

Investing in an ebike might seem like a big commitment upfront, but the fact is the bike will pay for itself in about a year. Afterwards, all you’ll be paying for is a new battery every 3 to 5 years and some semi-regular maintenance. Ebikes can range from CAD$1,500 to CAD$4,000 but require no gas, oil or costly maintenance. You also don’t have to insure them or pay any driver’s license fees to operate an ebike. When comparing the cost of an ebike to a regular commute on public transport, let’s say you pay $8 per day for a commute and commute 200 days per year. It would cost you $1,600 for the year, which is more than the cost of an entry-level ebike. Not to mention, gas prices are rising and may not come down anytime soon. 


 Going Green

An ebike can be a great solution to help you do your part for the environment. While commuting, ebikes don’t emit greenhouse gasses which is the leading cause of climate change. Experts suggest cutting our carbon emissions by up to 50% by switching to an ebike. According to an American study, if one out of every ten people in New York City bike to work just once a week, they would cut back on 120 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That would equate to the amount of carbon dioxide released by 25,000 homes in one year.

Get Fit While Going To Work

The great thing about ebikes is that the user controls how much they want to work during their ride. Typically, ebikes have five options of electrical assistance for users to choose from during a ride. This means you can get to work, school, or your date comfortably without looking like you need a shower. The length of your commute, both in time and distance, is also less of a factor with an ebike. A distance that may have seemed out-of-reach on a regular bike will feel like a breeze on an ebike. ENVO ebikes can reach up to 32km/hr on full power.


Less Stress

A simple commute on your ebike can be far less stressful than a commute on public transport. The rush of people, the cost and unpredictable traffic can add stress to an already hectic commute. With an ebike, riders aren’t barred by traffic jams or car accidents. Instead, they can opt for beautiful trails that skirt noisy, polluting traffic by commuting through city parks that provide fresh air and scenic views.

What Are You Waiting For

ENVO offers a variety of electric bikes and conversion kits for anyone looking to relieve themselves of the stresses of public transportation. Save yourself some money and time, help the planet, and get a little exercise. The ebike retails for around CAD$2,479 and is available online or in dealerships across Canada. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on ebikes and conversion kits.

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