How To Fold The ENVO Lynx – A Compact Utility Ebike

How To Fold The ENVO Lynx – A Compact Utility Ebike

You may know the ENVO Lynx is the best foldable Ebike on the market. A folding ebike is perfect for those with limited storage space or without a bike rack for their car. The small but mighty size means the ENVO Lynx is easy to transport yet perfect for urban commutes and adventures. So this ebike sounds like the ideal companion, but how do you fold this ebike? We’ll break down the steps so you’ll know exactly how to transport and store the ENVO Lynx perfectly.

Bring The Seat Down

First off, you want to lower the seat enough so that it won’t get caught in folding the frame. While holding the seat post, loosen the clamp. Slowly push the seat post down and tighten the clamp to secure it.
ebike Seat

Lift The Kickstand

Next, you want to bring the kickstand up. Make sure to keep holding on to avoid the ebike falling on itself.
Folding ebike kickstand

Unhinge The Handlebar

Twist the lock to loosen the clamp on the handlebar stem. Release the clamp by pulling it down. The handlebar will unhook and fold on itself, bringing the stem down gently.
folding ebike handlebar

Fold In Pedals

Push the pedals in and up to fold them. Careful of your fingers!
folding ebike pedals

Fold The ENVO Lynx Frame In Half

Pull the safety cap up on the right side of the bike frame. Then pull the lock bar out and fold in the frame. The handlebar stem will neatly tuck in between the frame and rear wheel.
Folding The ENVO Lynx Frame

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