ENVO EBike Bluetooth Display: A Complete Setup and Usage Tutorial

By ENVO Drive

Jan 22, 2024

ENVO EBike Bluetooth Display:  A Complete Setup and Usage Tutorial
Understanding EBike Battery Percentage and Charge Levels Reading ENVO EBike Bluetooth Display: A Complete Setup and Usage Tutorial 2 minutes

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on setting up and utilizing the smartphone app for your ENVO EBike, available for both Android and iPhone users. This user-friendly app enhances your e-bike experience by providing a range of features and information at your fingertips. Our step-by-step blog will walk you through the simple installation process, starting from account creation to device connection. Once set up, you'll be able to access vital information like battery percentage, speed, and mileage directly on your home screen. The app also offers functionalities such as selecting assist levels, turning on lights, and setting units. We'll delve into the app's diagnostic capabilities to ensure your e-bike's optimum performance and introduce the convenient, subscription-based navigation feature to transform your riding experience. Let's get started on unlocking the full potential of your ENVO EBike with Key-Disp.


AndroidKey-Disp - Apps on Google Play

IPhoneKey-Disp on the App Store (



Step 1: Sign up for the Account


Step 2: Enter Verification Code sent to your email.



Step 3: Select the permissions settings you are comfortable with, this step will have no effect on the features available. 




Step 4: Turn on your ENVO EBike, and clicl on "Add Device" 


Step 5: A new device starting with "KD386.xxxx" will show up, click on that to connect to your EBike. 




Home Screen


On the home screen, you can access details such as:

  1. Battery Percentage 
  2. Speed
  3. Single mileage 
  4. Ridetime
  5. Total Mileage
Additionally, the app enables you to:
  1. Select Assist Level
  2. Turn on the front light 
  3. Set the Units (km or miles)
  4. Vehicle Diagnosis

Vehicle Diagnosis

Click on "Vehicle Info" to launch EBike diagnosis test



The diagnosis will test the Ebike for the 

  • Communication error 
  • Brake sensor error
  • Hall sensor error
  • Phase current error
  • Runaway Protection
  • Over current error or Mosfet failure. 

Navigation Feature 

To sign up for the navigation feature, click on subscribe.

The navigation feature is a subscription based, costing $6.00 (USD) per month. 
The navigation feature allows you to enter the destination and the directions show up on the display. 

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