Ali Kazemkhani, CEO, ENVO Drive Systems Inc

A Journey to Micro Electric Mobility by Ali Kazemkhani, CEO, ENVO Drive Systems Inc | CleanTechies

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What is your field of expertise? 

I am an entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in automotive and mechanical engineering with a focus on micro electric mobility. With a deep understanding of the environmental impact of fossil fuels, I am committed to offsetting the impact of fossil fuels on our planet by helping people move differently with sustainably engineered, future-proof and green micro electric mobility solutions in all terrains.


Describe your journey to where you are today and when you realized you wanted to work in clean tech.

I started my journey in micro electric mobility when I was young. Just like other kids, I liked riding my bike downhill, but hated the uphill ride that followed. I tried to reuse a micro electric motor from my dad’s broken tape player to make my bicycle wheels rotate and assist me to ride uphill when I was 8 years old. Even though I was not successful at that time; I did not give up and continued to take on challenges..

In the final year of my bachelor’s degree, I started a business developing one of the first electric bike concepts, which were very niche at the time. One year later, I patented the first Universal Electric Bike Conversion Kit using an SLA battery and direct electric hub motor.

Before I moved to Canada, I already developed a few components, such as hub motors for bikes, battery packs, and motor controllers; hence starting an ebike conversion kit sales and installation business made easy.

As a passionate clean mobility engineer, I failed in finding my dream job in 2 continents; however, I created the company to take part in the electric evolution, I founded ENVO Drive Systems where I could work together with talents in the industry to develop micro electric mobility products for people to use anywhere, anytime.


What does your company do, for who, and how does it fit into the bigger picture of solving global issues with clean tech?

ENVO Drive Systems is passionate about replacing traditional fossil fuel transportation with sustainably engineered and future-proof micro electric mobility solutions. ENVO focuses on making a difference in all communities by offering innovative, well-engineered, easy to maintain, modern and reasonably priced micro electric mobility solutions. ENVO does not overlook any aspect of micro electric mobility, we create sustainable and environmentally responsible micro electric mobility products for road, snow and water. ENVO strives for becoming the preferred micro electric mobility solution and creating a greener future.

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