3 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Make Your S.O Smile

3 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Make Your S.O Smile

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we all want to surprise that special someone to show our love for them. Date ideas can be hard to devise with the pandemic but it has allowed us to get a little creative. Valentine’s isn’t always about spending your entire paycheque to make it special, there are many budget-friendly options you can do to spend time with your loved one. One of the most underrated views on Valentine’s is most people celebrate in the evening. It’s called Valentine’s DAY so let’s seize the day and make the most of it! It will make your day feel more special and even longer. There’s nothing wrong with getting cozy at home, but if you’ve been doing a lot of that due to the pandemic, then an outdoor date can be a nice change in scenery.

That being said, here are some incredible electric bike date ideas for Valentine’s Day! Did you know an ENVO ebike can be your perfect wingman! An ebike date can let you travel further than if you were on foot- you can explore less populated areas. These activities will create fun, unique memories that are romantic and take date night up a notch!

Be A Tourist In Your City

Valentine's Day Date #1

First up, is to tour your city! We often overlook what our city has to offer, especially if we’ve lived here our entire life. If you live in a city with many sights, take advantage of that opportunity! Get into the groove and fall in love with the city again. Another option is to visit a neighbouring city you and your date have never been to before. A new location can make the date that much more exciting to explore. To make this even more special, bring a polaroid camera or a regular camera will do, and take photos at every location or a special landmark you both discover.

Valentines couple taking picture with ebike

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day Date #2

Okay, now to take it to the next level, plan a scavenger hunt around the city! This activity can be combined with the first as they harmonize well together! Write up riddles or puzzles to solve together! Plan a unique route- maybe places monumental to both of you, or a foodie tour and the final destination can be a special restaurant for a dinner or lunch date! After all the scavenging and cycling, you will definitely work up an appetite! This makes for a fun game while bonding and creating new memories together.

Have A Picnic With Your Valentine

Valentine's Day Date #3

A picnic is a classic date idea that often gets overlooked. Pack a bag and load up your ebike with a DIY charcuterie board, drinks and the classic chocolate covered strawberries. Don’t forget the blanket! Luckily ENVO ebikes have both throttle and pedal-assist to carry extra gear effortlessly. Whether you have a breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner picnic the ENVO ebikes come with pannier attachments and our ENVO Lynx includes a carrier basket. Our bikes ensure you can always bring something extra to make it that much more special. Find a romantic spot, whether it’s a beach, a park, or a lookout and enjoy good food, good company, and an amazing view. Often enough, a picnic will rely on the weather, so plan accordingly. Even if the weather is less than ideal, you can get creative! For instance, pitching a tent and having a campout while stargazing. No matter the weather, there’s no telling what you would do for love.

Valentines Day date Couple with food and flowers with Ebike

When it comes to unique date nights we believe it’s more fun to use your creativity and create experiences and memories together. Who knows, maybe an ebike can be your second true love. If you don’t have an ebike yet, we are fully stocked and confident that we have the perfect ebike for you and your special someone. Let ENVO be a part of your love story, find your ebike now

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