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ENVO Drive Systems, is a Canadian pioneering engineering and manufacturer of micro-electric-mobility products. ENVO's mission is to fill in the gaps of e-mobility by offering innovative, modular, and versatile products. Heavily investing in R&D, ENVO is committed to affordable quality to be the preferred e-mobility choice for the sustainable future of our planet.

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A team of highly qualified specialists motivated by a high goal – to make life better!

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Collaboration with local businesses is our core value

Featured in

"Vancouver e-mobility company, ENVO, buys Veemo out of bankruptcy"

"The ENVO Veemo E-Velomobile emerges as a trailblazing innovation in the dynamic e-mobility market."

"It was announced that Veemo has been acquired by ENVO, which is committed to bringing the Veemo to market."

"Revolutionary Flex Platform Transforms Your E-Bike Into an All-Season Machine With Tracks"

ENVO FLEX allows users to modify their ebike to 4 different riding style based on their preferences

"the Stax impresses with its minimalist lines, making the fact it's an electric bicycle nearly imperceptible"

"fairly lightweight design at just 19 kg (42 lb.) that’s pretty darn lightweight by e-bike standards."

"This awesome ebike conversion kit turns a regular bike into a radical snow machine!"

"I particularly enjoy how the Stax shows up to the game with a geometry inherent to gravel bikes"

"As if mountain bikes weren’t already versatile enough, the Envo Kit can turn a mountain bike into an electric snowmobile."

"Envo's SnowBike kit turns your bicycle into a pedal-assist snowmobile ready to take on the winter season"

"The kit attaches onto most mountain bikes and comes completely assembled and ready to install"

"Canadian company Envo has created a conversion kit that turns a mountain bike to a snowmobile"


Micro-mobility design contest! Coming back in 2024!

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Blogs & News

ENVO named one of Canada’s Clean Technology winners in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ program

ENVO Drive Systems named one of Canada’s Clean Technology winners in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ program.

November 8,2023

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ENVO Announces a First-of-its-Kind E-Mobility Concept: Utility Personal Transporter

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ENVO electric Sled, SnowKart: The Ultimate Winter Fun for All!

Imagine merging go-kart thrill with winter's icy charm in North America's snow-covered wonderland.

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California Electric Bike Rebate and Tax Credit (A.B. 117): A Sustainable Solution for a Greener Tomorrow

In an effort to combat climate change, reduce emissions, and promote sustainable transportation, California is rolling out a groundbreaking electric bike incentive program. 

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Envo Awarded First UL 2849 Electric Bike Certificate In Canada

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