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    Jean Pierre Desjardins


    I have adventure element inflate kayak
    I wiuld to know if is available for these ?
    If you need manufactured rep in canada i also be interested

    February 8, 2021
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    Great bike

    Bought my parents who are 80 and 81 They ride these 50km a day now.. best lightweight bike on the market. I research them for over a year to find the best bike for them. So far 7 of they friends bought them too.

    December 28, 2020
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    Claude Cantin

    In early July, I purchased the ENVO D35 20″ ebike from EbikeBC. It was back-ordered, with an estimated arrival time of end of July. Arrived mid August (I did not expect it much earlier).

    I have been to five to ten 30km rides, and more shorter ones; some rides in town, some on bike paths, and others on country roads. I am a 55 person, so not in as good of a shape as when I was in my 30s! I live in Eastern Ontario, in the country, where there are a number of gravel roads, and decent hills (but nothing like the ones in some parts of BC).

    Prior to purchasing, EbikeBC was prompt to respond to my enquiries. I was skeptical of buying a bike on-line, tried to perform due diligence. I found my old 10 year old non-ebike online, and superimposed its picture on top of the D35 that has all the measurements. Having the website with all the measurements helped in making my decision.

    The bike is great in that it allows you to virtually eliminate the hills. I live on top of a fairly steep hill on a gravel road, and, coming back home from a ride, that hill is always hard to climb. The ebike makes it a LOT easier. The bike also allows you to virtually eliminate the wind when traveling against it.

    I am glad I purchased that bike. It puts back the enjoyment in biking.

    – virtually flattens hills
    – virtually eliminates head winds
    – easy to adjust Pedal Assist controls
    – once adjusted, the gears switch smoothly

    – a bit heavier, but that is understandable
    – the top bar on the frame is not horizontal, so I ordered a new bike rack for my car (a “platform” style rather than one holding the bike by the horizontal frame bar).
    – the description states it comes with a bell. It does NOT. I called them after receiving the bike, and they told me they would remove that in the description in their web site; it is still there three months later.
    – the battery charger shows red when not fully charged; green when charged. I am part of the 10% male population that is colour-blind, so I do not see any difference between those two LEDs. They should change it to red when not fully charged, and blue when charged. Or put two different LEDs, side by side, one for “charging”, the other for “fully charged”. That should be easy for the manufacturer to change.
    – I am 6’2″ with long legs. The largest frame BARELY fits me. I am using the seat post at its maximum height. I also used a seat from a previous bike I owned (one that is more comfortable, and slightly thicker).
    – the frame around the control unit is flimsy. I noticed after a couple or rides that it is broken — I will need to glue it back in place (I do not know if it came that way, or if it broke when I put the bike on my bike rack, or…).
    – the water bottle fixture is at an odd location (hard to reach while riding). Also does not come with screws, so you w