Our Story

Our Story

ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC is an engineering R&D and market research company which focuses on affordable solutions for clean transportation and electric drive systems.

ENVO makes technologically advanced, yet affordable ebikes. Our mission is to create an environmentally-sustainable product for our highly-satisfied customers, designed to replace cars on the road.

Well-engineered and reliable, we offer a wide range of ebikes to fit any customer’s needs.

Our Journey

Our Journey

If most of us think back to our early childhood, some of our fondest memories involve riding a bike. There is an emotional connection there. Nostalgia. Fun. Happiness. Pride. A connection with the outdoors. A connection with family.

This is why Envo is passionate about building great e-bikes – in the end it is always about people.

Ali Kazemkhani, founder of Envo Drive Systems Inc., is no different. Growing up overseas, bicycles were a significant part of his life since childhood. But for Ali, his passion for bicycles continually turned his mind to one question – how can I make this better for people?

“I was only 8 years old struggling with a 3V micro electric motor from my Dad’s broken Tape player to make my 16-inch Cadillac bicycle wheel rotate. It never did work, but the challenge continued…”

He never stopped pursuing his dreams, hence he attended university to learn more about designing and building products. He studied for a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a few years after, graduated with an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. During this time, Ali still had a passion for electric mobility solutions and worked on, then introduced, the first generation of Envo electrically converted bicycles in 2002.

Designed and Engineered in Canada

Designed and Engineered in Canada

E-Conversion Kit

After immigration to Canada, Ali decided to review existing bicycle varieties and refine his E-conversion kit design. He spent several months technically reviewing more than 200 existing bicycle forms, sizes, technical features, and drawings to develop modular components that could come together as a conversion kit, and still be a good fit and easily installed on any of the available bicycles in the North American market. This was a huge undertaking with numerous hours of pure engineering, design, prototyping, testing, updating and repeating the process. The result was so successful in the market (when he posted them for sale on Amazon) that he decided to pursue this venture in the market,  resulting in Envo being born with its first offering: the E-conversion kit.


As the market got to know the DIY kit product, customers kept asking for a fully installed E-bike instead of just a conversion kit. That drove the development of the next Envo release in 2017.

The first fully loaded E-bike would be a light, efficient electric bicycle designed and engineered in Canada. There would be a focus on do-it-yourself maintenance and personalized customer service, taking time to design and engineer an e-bike that reflected the core values of the brand. The Envo D35 was launched and the Envo brand hit the market.

Envo has quickly followed on the success of the Envo D35 by introducing two other new products: the Envo ST (Step Thru) and the Envo Ultra-Light Folding e-bike.

In addition, every year the D35 product line has been redeveloped with new features, colours, and styles. Envo is here to make a great first impression for first time e-bike riders and to show early adopters what Envo can do.

Manufactured in Canada

Manufactured in Canada


After successful launch of ebikes, ENVO started to invest in the research and development of new ideas. As a result of this effort SnowKart and SnowBike were introduced in 2019. This innovative product line, snow electric mobility solution, was first of its kind and started the transition of ENVO from a pure R&D company into a manufacturer of finished products. This transition lead to a complete production line of products including E-conversion kits, Electric SnowKart, Electric snowbike and assembly line for electric bikes, electric trikes and scooters at our 6000 sq feet facility in Burnaby, BC. Even right now we are in the process of expanding to a more versatile spectrum of e-mobility production capabilities.

Our Values and Vision

Our Values and Vision

Sustainable Mobility Innovations

For Envo, the e-bike line is just the start. Our core values of giving people mobility products they love and playing our part in the electric revolution will be embodied through innovative products for road, snow, water and more – always professionally designed and carefully engineered in Canada. We have big plans and can’t wait to share them with you.

At Envo we cultivate a collaborative environment, have a passion for innovation and mobility, and are continually working on launching and promoting new electro-mechanical products and solutions.

Customer Service

We offer guaranteed satisfaction on all our products and services.  We understand your enthusiasm for receiving a perfect product as soon as possible which is why we provide in-depth, free technical sales support to prevent any discrepancy between a solution you need and what you purchase from us.

In-House Design and Engineering

At Envo, we’re a growing and dynamic team. We’re constantly encouraged to learn and grow and given lots of opportunities to push the boundaries. Our team of talented engineers and designers are passionate about bringing environmentally friendly ideas to life for our local customers and to showcase their cool and technical aspects to customers and businesses.

Our Team

Our Team

Ali also knew he could not realise his vision for the future of his company alone. He reconnected with old, trusted classmates to build the team that is driving forward the Envo vision today.

Knowing each other since they were in school together at 11 years old, Steve joined Ali full time in 2018, bringing with him his background in mechanical engineering and international trade. Steve is working to drive sales, expansion, and infrastructure forward.

Kayvan, another lifelong friend and classmate of Ali and Steve, had been providing ad-hoc advice and consulting to Envo for years. Kayvan has joined full time in 2020 to help Envo keep pace with the fast growing e-bike market, and enhance processes, technology, and people pillars of the organization, while formulating and executing the strategic planning of Envo ever since.