Sharon Watkins

Me and my husband ordered the Envo D35’s at the end of May 2020 and received them end of July and end of August. Although there was quite a delay in receiving our bikes we are very excited start riding them now. They are very comfy and easy to ride and since we have many hills we will be riding more now than with the standard bike. I do agree with one of the other comments about the size of the bike and I probably would have been more comfortable with a step thru as the 16″ is quite a tall bike. We also encountered terrible service from the delivery companies with both of our bikes receiving damage to the paint and wheel. The boxes were open and punctured in many places but understandably it is not Ebikes fault. We currently have one minor glitch with my husbands bike but I am confident that the company will have this corrected very soon. I have ridden the bike several times now and always get comments from people about what a great looking bike it is. We are looking forward to many years of riding. I would highly recommend this bike.

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