Sharon Noble

I purchased my Envo D35 2020 in June, 2020 and received it in July. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have ordered an ebike online but I knew someone who owned this bike in a smaller frame so I had an opportunity to try it out and I liked it. Upon delivery, the shipping box was in bad shape but nothing seemed to be missing in terms of the ebike. As there were no instructions or manual in the box, my husband struggled to assemble it, but eventually got it together. We printed off the online manual. Once assembled and battery charged, the bike was ready for use. A bit of a learning curve, but once I read up on the bike and experimented with the levels and the gears, the assist levels work beautifully. The bike has lots of power and makes it really easy for me to use as I live on a hill in Vernon. My first long trip was from our home in Vernon to Winfield, along the Rail Trail – approximately 50 km. At the end of the ride, there were only 2 bars down on the battery and my trip home up hill was easy. I haven’t really had the need to use the throttle, yet.
My only complaint is that when I placed my order and gave my weight and height, it was suggested that I order an 18 inch frame for the regular bike and my friend’s 16 inch frame seemed too small for me, so that seemed reasonable. I’m finding that the frame is too big for me because when I straddle it, I’m wedged between the frame and the bike seat. The manual says that if the frame is touching any part of your body, it is unsafe. I have mentioned this to Ebike B.C. and have not had any response. We have tried to alter the bike seat but nothing changes in terms of body contact with the frame. I am concerned that if I have to dismount quickly that I will injure myself. I am disappointed in the lack of service from this company after purchase.
My suggestion to future buyers is to also provide your inseam measurements in addition to height and weight.

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