Andre Vellino

I love my new 20″ D35. My neighbour was so excited seeing me ride it that she decided to buy one too and without much deliberation about alternatives either.

I had a truly terrible experience with the CanPar shipping service including a broken box, a scraped frame and fork, a missing charger and pedals (the small box containing them fell out of the broken box, probably) and a disconnected rear light. However, BikeBC was extremely quick to respond and address these problems so they really deserve their hard-earned reputation for customer service.

The design of the bike is excellent. I am definitely in love with power assist and the controls / display system is quite good. The motor is quiet and the bike is well-balanced, the brakes are great and the overall ride is wonderful. The braze-ons underneath the frame were a nice surprise (for a water bottle or pump) and I’m glad for the brazon-ons that the kick-stand is attached to. The rear rack is a bit of a disappointment – not obviously designed for an easy fit with Envo / Ortlieb paniers. The charger seems to get extremely hot while charging, which worries me a bit.

The real test will be the test of time. My 14 gear Raleigh touring bike lasted 40 years…. but I’ll be happy if the electronics / motor etc. on this Envo last 10 years.

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