Max Power


Max Speed


Payload Capacity

350 Kg

Max Towing Capacity


Ground Clearance
ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)
ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)
ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)
ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)
ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)

ENVO Electric All Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV)


The electric revolution is changing and shaping all aspects of transportation and off-roading should be no exception. ENVO is working on an electric All-Terrain Vehicle (e-ATV) that is silent, environmentally friendly, and performs on par with gasoline alternatives.

Versatile, Functional, and Eco-friendly

The e-ATV is intended to be used as electric substitution of ATVs or as a chassis platform for any other off-road or utility micro mobility device. Some of the use cases for the ENVO e-ATV are:

> Eco-tours that do not disturb nature.

> Logging road access vehicle

> Perfect companion for hunting due to its silent drive and load carrying capabilities

> Applications in Farming/Ranching due to its towing and payload capacity

> Help with Patrolling due to its standup design

> SIlent Search and Rescue in rough terrain

> Recreation Vehicle as part of Rental Fleet

> Golf courses can use this ATV to transport golfers and their equipment


Fully Electric

Powered by two hub motors located in the rear wheels, ENVO e-ATV is fully electric. Each hub motor is capable of delivering 1500W of max power providing you same performance that a traditional gasoline ATV while providing instant Torque. The hub motor design makes the ATV powertrain reliable and maintenance free!


One of the biggest advantages of using electric power is the silent operation of the vehicle. Compared to a gasoline alternative you can ride ENVO e-ATV offroad without the accompanying noise.

Designed for offroading

The suspension is designed around double wishbone design, this allows the ENVO e-ATV to absorb shocks and perform exceptionally well in off-road situations. The low CG ensures that you have high stability going straight or turning on side slopes.

Re-generative Braking

When you apply the brakes on an ENVO e-ATV, the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle is converted into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then stored in the vehicle's battery, which not only provides a redundant braking system for improved safety and reliability, but also helps to extend the vehicle's range.


Because the eATV is intended to be lightweight and reliable, it was not designed around a powersteering. The ENVO eATV steering relies solely on mechanical advantage and gives you a turning radius of 2.0 meters.


Due to low center of gravity, the ENVO e-ATV is very stable and does not roll over even at extreme hills.

Folding Steering Column

ENVO e-ATV features a folding steering column that allows the user to conserve space when storing the ATV as well as make it easy to transport it by decreasing the maximum height limit required of the transporting vehicle.

Removable Seat

The ENVO e-ATV features a special geometry that allows it to be used either sitting or standing. The sitting position provides all the benefits of a traditional ATV, such as comfort for longer rides. Moreover, the standing position allows more use cases, such as patrolling with a high point of view. It also makes it easy for the user to get on and off.

Max Power

3000W (1500W x 2)

Max Speed


Payload Capacity


Max Towing Capacity



Sine Wave BLDC Controller


60V 50Ah (3000Wh)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

165cm x 51.5cm x 127cm



Front Track


Rear Track


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