From $1390
21 kg
500 W
120 Km
32 Km/h


  • Optimized design geared hub wheel motor kit with Rack mount Li-Ion battery
  • 350W Rated, 500W Max Power
  • Max Speed 32km/h
  • Max Torque 60Nm

Rack mounting Li-Ion pack in stylish Aluminum and ABS case with charge indicator, security lock, accessories and auto connect socket.

The Rack battery is a battery you can mount on bike’s regular rack or special racks designed for this type of battery. In either case the battery can be locked to the rack or un-lock and slide out to remove.
<li>Li-Ion 36V 12.8Ah</li>
<li>Energy : 470Wh</li>
<li>Max Power: 940W</li>
<li>Average Range for 350W class city use: 52Km</li>
<li>Standard recharge time 6:30 hours</li>

350W Nominal, 550W Max Power, 32km/h, rear hub motor, Small size with simple structure, light weight and long life, super power, high efficiency, beautiful, high speed motor with gear, drive is very free and fluent, best choice for Li-ion battery on e-bike.

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Suitable For:

  • Bicycles with frames not capable of down tube batteries such as step through bikes, non suspension frames, (rack is not included, use normal rack or add the special rack)
  • People below 100kg weight

E-Assist System

This conversion kit features a pedal assist sensor which has an optimised torque emulation software. The e-assist system eliminates the road grade by selecting the assist level from 0 to 5 through the keypad on handle bar. There is also a power on demand throttle which lets you ride on electric motor only without pedalling. The colour LCD interface gives access to all monitoring and setting features such as ODO, speed, battery charge level, as well as diagnostics in case of a failure through which you can fix issues yourself using the manuals or with the help of our technical customer service.

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Battery Pack

The stylish, removable, lockable, high-performance and super lightweight LG A-grade Li-Ion battery pack gives an average 50km round trip range on level 4-5 of assist or more than 100km on level 1. External and non-proprietary battery pack makes it well maintainable and hassle free when replacement time arrives years down the road. You can get the spare battery 1/2 the cost of 480-Wh equivalent batteries offered by other famous brands. Battery can be charged on or off the bike frame using the little portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger.