ENVO Electric SnowBike

500 W
120 Km
32 Km/h


  • 34KG total weight including battery making it light weight and portable
  • Capable of riding on up to 30CM deep powder snow as well as packed and Icy snow.
  • 15% Climbability with 100KG of rider on level 5 of pedal assist 
  • 18km/h maximum speed
  • Great stability & manoeuvrability
  • Up to 2 hours of ride per single charge

Suitable for:

  • Continued cycling in winter
  • Snowy, short commutes, light transportation and errands
  • Winter sport and tourism as rental for winter resorts
  • DIY snow machine builders

Reviews for ENVO Electric SnowBike

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E-Assist System

While riding a bike in the snow is tough, the ENVO Electric SnowBike is a different story. With E-assist, you'll cruise through the powder without breaking a sweat. The E-assist has varied levels to give you a harder work out or extra assistance.

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A lightweight frame makes the SnowBike a breeze to manoeuvre. The whole bike weighs 34KG including the battery.

Battery Pack

Up to 2 hours of riding on a single charge.

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Cut-Off Sensors

The computer has a built in cut-off sensor to stop powering the motor the second you touch on the brakes.


Adjustable, lockable SR Suntour fork with solid 30mm fork legs adds to high-speed stability and handling in the snow. They reduce shocks to the frame and battery system, providing the ultimate comfort.

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It gets dark far too early in the winter, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. We've added a light as standard for safe riding at night.


The electric-powered tracks churn through the snow and propel you forwards for a consistent ride.

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