Dolphin 500W

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck at traffic. With a bike, you don’t have to worry about that… until you get to the first hill! With an ENVO, you won’t care about that either. Welcome to your new life!

21 kg


  • Optimized design geared hub wheel motor kit with down tube water bottle mount Li-Ion battery
  • 500W Rated, 750W Max Power
  • Max Speed 40km/h (Settings limited to 32km/h in compliance with regulations)
  • Max Torque 80Nm

Suitable For:

  • Commutes with extreme road condition
  • Ultra high performance high torque and fast
  • Continuous up-hills with 7-15% road grade
  • Bellow 7Kg powerful and high range electric bike


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Suitable For:

  • Bicycles with triangular frame and water bottle mounting screws
  • People above 100kg weight


Lizard style ENVO Li-Ion battery pack in stylish thin ABS case with auto-connect socket, with a charge indicator, security lock and accessories.


· CD display and computer
· Motor Controller 36V 20A
· Thumb Throttle
· Pedal Assist Sensor
· Brake cut-off magnetic switches
· Rain-proof Controller and tools bag
· Zip ties, cable shield and installation accessories