Front Hub Motor

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350W Nominal, 550W Max Power, 32km/h, front hub motor

350W Nominal, 550W Max Power, 32km/h, front hub motor, Small size with simple structure, lightweight and long life, superpower, high efficiency, the beautiful, high-speed motor with gear, the drive is very free and fluent, the best choice for Li-ion battery on the e-bike.


  • Motor Type: DC Brushless Geared Hub Motor
  • Motor Power: 550/350W Max/Nominal
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Max Torque: 60Nm @17A
  • Efficiency ≥80%
  • 36 Spokes
  • Flange for disc brake
  • Waterproof connector
  • Axle=100mm, Diameter=128mm.
  • Weight=2.7kg
  • Phase angle 120 degree
  • Manufacturer: MXUS
  • CE, EN15194 certifications



  • Wheel, A356 Aluminum
  • Magnet, 38SH
  • Wire(winding), QZ-3/155
  • Iron core, DW470
  • Bearing, C&U


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